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Many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many (Matt. 24:11)

Hebrew prophecy is NEVER wrong.


   Welcome to the only prophecy website that has NEVER been wrong because it is based on the word of the Hebrew prophets. The Bible warns that in the Last Days many will be deceived. So if you want to pull back the curtain of deception and reveal the truths kept hidden from those who fail to study Hebrew prophecy, click on the links below to explore the true facts that have remained hidden behind a veil of lies and deceit:



Climate Change, or God?

Should We Convert to Metric?

The President and the Pope

The Khrushchev Prophecy

Signs of the Last Days

An Attack on the Vatican?



Was Jesus Jewish?

The Bible

Daniel Chap 2

Daniel Chap 7

Daniel Chap 8

Revelation Chap 13

The 1st Antichrist

The 2nd Antichrist


The Exodus

Noah's Flood

The Stone of Destiny

The Planets

The End



A Message for America

Evolution or Creation?

The Last Pope?

The Fatima Prophecies

The Great Disappointment

How Christmas Won the War

The First Thanksgiving

Government by Corporations

The Year Without a Summer

The Polio/AFM Virus

Lyme Disease

West Nile Virus

"Mad Cow" Disease

The Great Pyramid


Rhymes and Reasons

Things That Are True

Things That Are Not True

The Nostradamus Factor



In 2023 (posted 1/1/2023):
Forget Russia, N.K., and China! Watch out for Islamic terrorists!

In 2022 (posted on 1/1/2022):
Is the world prepared for an upcoming shortage of money and food?

In 2021 (posted on 2/13/2021):
Will the Catholic Church continue to ignore its own prophecies?

In 2020 (posted on 1/15/2020):
Can a Schiff convince American capitalists to create a "socialist" U.S.A?

In 2019 (posted on 1/01/2019):
Doctors still don't know the host animal for the Polio virus?

In 2018 (posted on 1/27/2018):
WWIII is not U.S./NATO vs. Russia, but instead is U.S./Russia/NATO vs. ISIS?

In 2017 (posted on 5/17/2017):
Are St. Malachy, Fatima, and Garabandal all describing Rome's ruin?

In 2016 (posted on 4/1/2016):
Will pope Francis lose his temper, and insult Muslims?

In 2015 (posted on 3/11/2015):
It's for your own good, Big Brother's wristband was designed to help you!

In 2014 (posted on 2/12/2014):
A house of glass shall come to pass, in England, but alas, alas...

In 2013 (posted on 2/11/2013):
Prepare the path for papa Pedro!

In 2012 (posted on 12/12/2012):
Are we restoring the Ottoman empire by removing it's dictators (WWIII)?

In 2011 (posted on 1/1/2011):
Will government by corporations, eventually lead us to Soylent Green?

In 2010 (posted on 9/1/2010):
Do you know that the next pope (Peter) may be the final pope of the Roman Catholic Church?

In 2009 (posted on 6/1/2009):
Is the world going to end in 2012?   NO!  (Hint:  The Hebrew prophecies run until at least 2050 A.D.!)

In 2008 (posted on 1/1/2008):
Has the 10th planet of our solar system, Vulcan, already been discovered (Last Days)?

In 2007 (posted on 12/1/2007):
Do you know that Global Warming caused the world's oceans to rise almost 10 ft. after 1000 AD?

In 2006 (posted on 9/1/2006):
Are you prepared for the upcoming worldwide economic depression?


All the above predictions were posted BEFORE the events occurred.


   The prophets were sent every 500 years to warn God's people about critical events that would affect their future. If you'd like to learn more about how Hebrew prophecy is still describing modern events today, just click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to purchase your book by Edward Oliver, and help wake up a sleeping world to important events that may be happening soon.


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