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  Do you believe in the word of the prophets? For the last 6000 years they have been sent on regular 500-year intervals to warn God's people about future events. While many people today are actively seeking guidance from their religious leaders about what the future holds, we must remember that God's prophets are the only true source of that information. The Hebrew prophets warned that in the End Time many would fall to Satan's deceptions and choose the path that leads only to death and destruction, instead of the path leading to Eternal Life. The 1960s witnessed many people moving away from faith in God and moving toward faith in science and technology. But science brought only weapons of war and genetically modified organisms, both of which resulted in further threats to our security. If you want to learn the truth behind the many deceptions currently being distributed by the media, and unfortunately also taught in our schools, simply click on the links below to begin exposing some of the lies you've been fed by Satan's children, who unfortunately still lead us in today's world.



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In 2024 (posted 3/15/2024):
Signs in the sky signal revolutionary national change?

In 2023 (posted 1/1/2023):
Forget Russia, N.K., and China! Watch out for Islamic terrorists!

In 2022 (posted on 1/1/2022):
Is the world prepared for an upcoming shortage of money and food?

In 2021 (posted on 2/13/2021):
Will the Catholic Church continue to ignore its own prophecies?

In 2020 (posted on 1/15/2020):
Can a Schiff convince American capitalists to create a "socialist" U.S.A?

In 2019 (posted on 1/01/2019):
Doctors still don't know what animal hosted the Polio (AFM) virus.

In 2018 (posted on 1/27/2018):
WWIII is not U.S./NATO vs. Russia, but instead is U.S./Russia/NATO vs. ISIS.

In 2017 (posted on 5/17/2017):
Are St. Malachy, Fatima, and Nostradamus all describing Rome's ruin?

In 2016 (posted on 4/1/2016):
Will pope Francis lose his temper, and insult Muslims?

In 2015 (posted on 3/11/2015):
It's for your own good, Big Brother's wristband was designed to help you!

In 2014 (posted on 2/12/2014):
A house of glass shall come to pass, in England, but alas, alas...

In 2013 (posted on 2/11/2013):
Prepare the path for papa Pedro!

In 2012 (posted on 12/12/2012):
Are we restoring the Ottoman empire by removing it's dictators (WWIII)?

In 2011 (posted on 1/1/2011):
Will government by corporations eventually lead us to Soylent Green?

In 2010 (posted on 9/1/2010):
Do you know that the next pope (Peter) will be the LAST POPE of the Roman Catholic Church?

In 2009 (posted on 6/1/2009):
Is the world going to end in 2012? NO! (Hint: Hebrew prophecies run until 2055 A.D.!)

In 2008 (posted on 1/1/2008):
Has the 10th planet of our solar system, Vulcan, already been discovered (Last Days)?

In 2007 (posted on 12/1/2007):
Do you know that Global Warming caused the world's oceans to rise almost 10 ft. after 1000 AD?

In 2006 (posted on 9/1/2006):
Are you prepared for the upcoming worldwide economic depression?


All the above predictions were posted BEFORE the events occurred.


   The Hebrew prophets are sent every 500 years to warn God's people about critical events that will affect their future. We are now entering the Days of Vengeance, and it is more important than ever to pay attention to the warnings of God's prophets to avoid becoming a victim of the events that are about to come to pass in our world as God wreaks havoc upon the wicked. So if you want to learn more about how the Hebrew prophecies can accurately warn us about many modern day events, click one of the secure book links on this webpage and order your book by Edward Oliver to help awaken God's "Lost Sheep" to the many prophetic events that are about to occur in these Last Days:


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