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Is the Metric System

Things you didn't know.

Did Lucifer replace God's measuring system?


   Converting to metric seems sensible, but the truth is that prior to 1975 automobile speedometers in the United States were not calibrated in kilometers per hour. The Metric System was a European form of measurement not available on automobiles in the United States. Americans faithfully used the original measuring system that the founders had brought with them when they came to America from England. The Metric System made its appearance in America in 1975, when President Gerald Ford foolishly signed America's new "Metric Conversion Act." Most Americans had no use for this New World Order system being proposed as a replacement for their original British system of weights and measures. The Metric System was first established in France by Napoleon in 1790. The basis for the two measuring systems is defined as follows:


Sacred Cubit = 1/10,000,000th distance from N. Pole to Earth's Center
French Meter = 1/10,000,000th distance from N. Pole to Earth's Equator


   The Sacred Cubit of 25 British inches as affirmed by Isaac Newton was the original basis for both the British and American systems of weights and measures, that involved pounds, feet, and inches. Our country's founders were Freemasons, whose Bible-based system of weights and measures was used in the design of Soloman's temple in Jerusalem.

   The French meter first appeared at the time of the French Revolution, when Napoleon installed a new system of weights and measures and a new calendar based upon the date of the French Revolution instead of the birth of Christ. Napoleon's new systems of measurement represented the fulfillment of a Bible prophecy describing the First Antichrist's plot to change our "times and laws" (Dan. 7:25) and substitute the Metric System for God's system of weights and measures.

   Napoleon normally signed his name by using only the letter "N," which when placed before his Bible name Apollyon produces "Napollyon" (GR. - the Destroyer) revealing his true identity as described for us in Revelation 9:11. Napoleon tried to alter global time zones by moving the Prime Meridian from England to France, where it would be run through his palace in France known as Malmaison (Evil-house) and he also created a new "Napoleon Code" of laws, thus fulfilling the Daniel 7:25 prophecy.

   The meter remains a flawed measure today since it was originally taken over the imperfect surface of the Earth, instead of along the perfect polar centerline of our planet. The refusal of the American people to accept the Metric System as their primary system of weights and measures is just one more proof that God's blessed tribe of Ephraim still resides in America today. Our nation's founders intended Americans to be leaders in this world, and not obedient subjects of a global government to which we must surrender our sovereignty and freedom. If you want to learn more about how Hebrew prophecy described all the major events of history, just click on the secure book link below to purchase your book by Edward Oliver, and help to enlighten God's sheep who've lost their way.






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