The Last Days


Signs of the Last Days

"...and the truth shall make you free."

  "Many shall be purified and made white, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand."
                                        Dan. 12:10 KJV


   The Hebrew Prophets documented the entire course of human civilization from its beginning 6000 years ago (marked by the invention of the written word) to its end in the second half of the 21st century (sorry if that frightens you but that's the date the prophets give for the "end by fire"). The Hebrew prophets also listed all the conditions that would exist in our world during the Last Days:


  1. Women shall rule over them.

  2. Their land will be filled with riches.

  3. There is no end to their wheeled vehicles.

  4. They will worship the works of their own hands.

  5. They are lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

  6. They are ever learning, but never able to come to the truth.

  7. They will possess a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.

  8. They will worship their children and their children will oppress them.

  9. They will send their best young men off to war to be killed.

  10. Many churches offend God and suffer destruction.

  11. They view evil as good, and good as evil.

  12. Women will flaunt their sexuality.

  13. Sodomy is declared openly.


   The signs above are the specific signs given by the Hebrew prophets to describe conditions on Earth in the Last Days. There will also be numerous other warnings in the form of wars, threats of wars, famines, pestilences, nations rising against nations, and earthquakes in diverse places, but of course such events could apply to many periods during human history. Children born in the End Times will not see these conditions as evil since they have never experienced any other lifestyle. The citizens of Sodom didn't think they were living in an evil society, and were in fact quite proud of their progressiveness. If you want to learn more about what the Hebrew prophets predicted for your future, click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver.







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