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What many kids did on a hot summer day.


   What is Polio and why did it occur after each of our world wars? And why was it mainly a summer illness? The recent reappearance of the Polio/AFM virus in America shouldn't be a mystery to anyone. In the 1950s, America endured a severe epidemic of Polio. This pandemic crippled and killed thousands of young children and adults all over the U.S., and doctors were not able to identify the original source of this disease. Polio produced paralysis of major muscle groups within the body, and if the disease attacked the diaphragm muscles, it sometimes resulted in someone being confined within the dreaded "Iron Lung" machine.

   We suddenly found ourselves in the same position as our European ancestors in the 1300s, who didn't realize that a lack of sanitation in European cities had resulted in an overpopulation of rats, forcing nature to activate the natural mechanism of disease to reduce rat populations. Unfortunately, the fleas that were spreading the plague through the rat population also spread the plague to humans. The Bubonic (rat) plague killed millions of people in Europe, and the medical community today still reflects upon the human ignorance that resulted in so many deaths in the late Middle Ages. Unfortunately however, it seems that not much has changed, because doctors in the 1950s did not take notice of the subtle changes that were happening in the natural world around them. If our doctors had successfully identified the original host animal for Polio they would have known how this disease was being spread to humans, and could have prevented the deaths of thousands of children and adults in the U.S. in the early 1950s.

   If you'd like to know the identity of the original host animal for Polio, and also learn why Polio epidemics followed each of our world wars, click on the secure book link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's book "Eye of Providence."






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