Was Jesus Jewish?


Was Jesus really Jewish?

"Suppose ye that I came to bring peace on earth. I tell you NO!"
                               Luke 12:51


   Christian educators teach that Jesus was the son of a Jewish carpenter and that he was sent to bring "peace on Earth." The Bible however tells us a different story.

   First of all we might want to clarify Jesus' lineage. It is thought that Jesus was a Jew, but his father Joseph had traveled to his hometown of Bethlehem for the Roman census (Luke 2:1-5). When King Herod was informed that a king of the Jews had been born in Bethlehem, he sent his soldiers to slaughter all the children 2 years of age and under in the town of Bethlehem to ensure that his throne would not be threatened by this newborn child. Strangely, Matthew 2:16-18 tells us that it was Rachel, not Leah, who was weeping as the children were being killed, and Rachel's children were the descendents of Joseph, not Judah. So the children Herod's soldiers were slaughtering were most probably descendents of Joseph, not Judah. At that time, the town of Bethlehem was located in the area of Judea occupied by the biblical tribe of Ephraim. Ephraim was the youngest son of Joseph, and carried God's blessing that was passed down to him by Jacob (Gen. 48:14).

   Secondly, Matthew lists Joseph's lineage from Abraham through Judah to Joseph, but Luke also lists Joseph's lineage, and Luke's list differs from the list of Matthew. So who's right? Maybe neither. And no member of the tribe of Judah would ever name his son by using the name of another tribe. All this may not matter anyway, since Joseph wasn't the biological father of Jesus. The Bible tells us that Mary was already pregnant before she married Joseph.

   Some people think Jesus had to be a Jew because his parents took him to be circumcised. But it is a fact that all twelve tribes circumcised their children in the time of Jesus. Circumcision was in fact practiced by many tribes in the Middle East long before the Jews arrived.

   And all this talk about Jesus coming to bring peace on Earth is in direct opposition to what Jesus himself told us in Luke Chapter 23:53, where he states in no uncertain terms that he did not come to bring peace but instead came to "set father against the son, son against the father, mother against the daughter, mother in law against daughter in law, daughter in law against mother in law, etc..." So how could anyone possibly say that Jesus came to bring peace on Earth when he specifically told us that he came to create division?

   Finally, only those who carried God's blessing possessed superior powers and abilities, and God's blessing was passed down from father to son along the Hebrew line from Abraham to Isaac, from Isaac to Jacob, from Jacob to Joseph, and from Joseph to Ephraim. Thus it was more likely that Jesus was descended from the blessed line of Joseph, and not the cursed line of Judah. The Bible says that Jesus cursed the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem because they turned from the worship of God to the worship of wealth.


DECEPTION: Jesus came to bring peace, and his father Joseph was a Jew.

THE TRUTH: Jesus came to cause division, and his father was a Josephite.


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