President Reagan and the Pope

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The President and the Pope

Things you didn't know.


   "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." These are the very first words of America's "Bill of Rights" and were meant to warn us never to allow any religious establishment the opportunity to influence the operation of our government. These words were in fact deliberately placed in the U.S. Constitution by our founding fathers to protect us from the Catholic Church that our founders came to America to escape. In Europe the Catholic Church was burning Protestants alive in public "Inquisitions" where innocent Protestants, Jews, and Muslims were brutally tortured, and murdered, or sentenced to the rowing galleys of slave ships, for the "crime" of refusing to accept the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and its papacy. Our founders firmly believed in following the laws of God but not in following the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

   It would be over two centuries before this nation would elect its first Catholic president, and only two decades later when another person raised in a Catholic household would also become President of the United States. While this President was in the Oval Office, a Catholic also held the position of Speaker of the House in Congress. The fact that these two Catholic raised politicians were in control of two of the three branches of the U.S. government did not go unnoticed by the Holy See in Rome. President Reagan was officially summoned to Rome for an audience with the pope. The President met with Pope John Paul II in Rome on June 7, 1982, to express his solidarity with the Pope on many political and social issues. The Pope immediately arranged for his Jesuit legal advisors to act on completing the tasks necessary for establishing official recognition of the Catholic Church by the U.S. government. And on January 10, 1984, Congress did in fact make a "law respecting an establishment of religion." This direct violation of the U.S. Constitution was ignored by the media, and went unnoticed by the American public.

   If you'd like to know the details of how the Jesuit order worked it's way into American government, click on the secure book link below and order your copy of Edward Oliver's book "Eye of Providence," so you can help to awaken those whom the devil has lulled to sleep.






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