The Real Cause of Global Warming


The True Reason
for Global Warming

God runs the show.

Make way for the "kings of the east."


    Will mankind be destroyed by Climate Change? Sorry to pop your balloon, but whoever told you that Global Warming is caused by carbon emissions lied to you. If you check back in history you will find that 1000 years ago the world was much warmer than it is today. That's why when the Vikings first discovered an island in the North Atlantic in 1000 A.D. they decided to name it "Greenland," because they were able to raise cattle on its lush grassland. Historical records reveal that from 1000 A.D. to 1500 A.D. the world was experiencing a period of severe Global Warming. Archeologists have discovered many Asian sailing maps drawn prior to 1600 A.D., that show the ice-free shores of Antarctica. And a world map drawn by Orontius Finaeus in 1531 A.D. illustrates the ice-free continent of Antarctica correctly oriented toward the continent of South America over two centuries before we knew Antarctica existed. Climate Change advocates have been desperately trying to discredit the 1531 Orontius Finaeus world map for many years, but haven't been successful.

   And sorry to disagree with the U.N. Climate Change agenda, but it is simply a matter of common sense for us to ask why Vikings decided to name the island they discovered in 1000 A.D. "Greenland," when it has been a "whiteland" of glaciers for the last 400 years. And why in 1000 A.D. were the oceans rising so fast that the Dutch were forced to build earthen dikes around their delta farmland to prevent salt water from ruining their crops? In order to pump the springtime floodwaters over the dikes and into the sea, the Dutch borrowed windmill designs from the Turks and built water pumping windmills to pump out the spring floods. And as ocean levels continued to rise over the next five centuries, it would require more than 10,000 windmills to perform this annual task. But then, around the year 1600 A.D., that period of Global Warming was suddenly brought to an end by a "Little Ice Age."

   Geological history records three types of "Ice Ages," and they occur on a regular schedule. The largest Ice Ages occur on a 120,000 year schedule, and each Ice Age contains 10 smaller 12,000-year Interglaciation Ages. These Interglaciation Ages in turn each contain 10 lesser 1200-year Little Ice Ages. The temperature cycle we are now experiencing began with the last Little Ice Age around the year 1600 A.D. that restored Earth's polar ice caps, lowered sea levels, and covered Antarctica with a layer of snow and ice over a mile deep, effectively removing it from history. The 10,000 windmills of Holland quickly became useless relics and were torn down or turned to other uses. There are only about 1,000 windmills in Holland today serving mostly as tourist attractions.

   We are now in an interim period when our planet is slowly warming back up again. The issue of Global Warming first arose when scientists monitoring Earth's surface temperatures noted a gradual increase in those temperatures accompanied by a gradual rise in carbon levels in Earth's atmosphere. Scientists quickly decided that the rising carbon levels were causing an increase in temperatures on our planet. It apparently didn't occur to anyone that the exact reverse might be true, and that the rise in temperature might be the true cause of Earth's rising carbon levels. Ice core samples taken from Earth's polar ice caps have now proven that carbon levels during the warmth of the Jurassic Period were more than four times higher than today's carbon levels, providing even more evidence that man-made carbon emissions are not the true cause of Climate Change.


DECEPTION: High Carbon levels cause Global Warming.

THE TRUTH: Global Warming causes High Carbon levels.


    The dramatic 1200-year rise and fall of world temperatures throughout human history is also documented in the Bible where we learn that the Red Sea Canal extended all way to the Mediterranean Sea during the Bible Exodus, and blocked the Hebrew exodus from Egypt. And Abraham's city of birth, Ur of the Chaldees, that was once a seaport, is now over 150 miles away from the shores of the Persian Gulf. As world temperatures are now slowly rising, we are witnessing the world's rivers going dry. Could this be a part of Last Days prophecy?


    "And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared."
                                                                                          Rev. 16:12 KJV


   As the river Euphrates continues to dry up, it will not be long before the Iranians (Persians) will be able to easily cross over it with their 1500 tanks and 2000 armed military vehicles. So if you'd like to know the truth about Climate Change, instead of all the lies you are being fed by unscrupulous New York City financiers who are growing rich selling carbon credits, just click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver, and learn that weather is controlled by God, not man.







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