Nostradamus Global Warming

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The Real Cause
of Global Warming


"And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm."                                                                                                     Mark 4:39 KJV


    You've been told that Climate Change is due to carbon emissions from fossil fuels, but have you forgotten Mark Chapter 4 Verse 39 where Jesus stopped the ocean storm to save his ship from sinking? The Bible prophets tell us that God is the one who controls our weather, and if you check the records of history you'll find that one thousand years ago Earth was much warmer than it is today. It turns out that global warming has happened before and that "Greenland" was actually "green" when the Vikings first discovered it in 1000 A.D. History reveals the fact that 1000 years ago the sea was rising so fast that the Dutch had to construct earthen dikes around their delta farmlands to guard against seawater ruining their crops. Dutch engineers copied windmills designs from the Turks and used windmills to pump springtime floodwaters up and over the dikes and into the ocean. As sea levels continued to rise, it eventually required more than 10,000 windmills to perform this annual task.

    The dramatic rise and fall of sea levels throughout history is also documented in the Bible, which records the fact that the Red Sea canal extended all way to the Mediterranean Sea during the Exodus in 1470 B.C. and blocked the Jews from leaving Egypt. We also have dozens of Arab and Asian sailing maps from the 15th and 16th centuries (including the 1531 A.D. Oronteus Finaeus Ice-Free map) that show the surprisingly accurate shape and correct orientation to South America, of the ice free continent of Antarctica.

   Earth's 120,000-year Ice Ages occur on a regular schedule, and each Ice Age contains 10 smaller 12,000-year Interglaciation Ages. These Interglaciation Ages in turn each contain 10 lesser 1200-year "Little Ice Ages." This climate cycle that we are now experiencing began with the last Little Ice Age of 1600 A.D. that buried Antarctica under a mile deep layer of snow and ice thereby lowering ocean levels around the globe. We are now in an interim period when our planet is gradually warming back up. The issue of "Global Warming" first appeared when scientists monitoring our planet's temperatures noticed an increase in those temperatures, accompanied by an increase in carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere. Scientists concluded that rising carbon dioxide levels in our planet's atmosphere were causing the warm up. It apparently did not occur to anyone that the exact opposite might be true and that the 1200-year warming cycle might be the true cause of these rising carbon levels.

    The 1600 Little Ice Age turned Greenland into the white land we know it as today, and caused Antarctica to totally disappear from view. The windmills of Holland were no longer needed and were torn down. Of the original 10,000 windmills that once pumped water in Holland, less than 1000 still exist today and serve only as tourist attractions.

   The continent of Antarctica would not be rediscovered until 1820, and it would be another 120 years before modern technology would allow the accurate shape and size of this "newly discovered" continent to finally be revealed. Scientists have determined that Earth's numerous Ice Ages produced huge fluctuations in carbon levels in Earth's atmosphere. Ice core samples from Earth's polar caps have now demonstrated that carbon levels during the warmth of the Jurassic Period were more than four times higher than they are today. This provides us with proof that carbon emissions are not the cause of Global Warming.

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