The Great Disappointment - The Rapture

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William Miller and
The Great Disappointment

Was Miller right after all?


   The Reverend William Miller was a brilliant man who attempted to decipher the prophecies of Daniel. Miller's discoveries were so accurate that they still form the basis for most modern interpretations of the book of Daniel today. Miller studied the Bible in great depth for many years, and announced that he had successsfully deciphered the prophetic codes of the book of Daniel revealing the time of The End. Miller preached his controversial theory in the churches of New England, and found many people very receptive to them. But he would eventually fall victim to an unfortunate typographical error.

   Miller and his followers proclaimed that the end of the last beast of Revelation 13 would occur before the year 1845, and that this great event would be preceeded by a "Rapture" of God's followers up to heaven at exactly midnight on October 22nd, 1844. Many Millerites sold all their worldly goods and trekked up to the hilltops of New England dressed in white ascention robes, patiently waiting to be Raptured up to heaven. When midnight came and the Rapture did not occur, Miller and his followers were forced to suffer the laughs and jeers of local townfolk who were greatly amused by Miller's great folly.

   Reverend Miller's mathematical calculations for the date of the Rapture were based upon the 2300-year prophecy contained in Daniel 8:14, giving the exact year of the "end of the last of the transgressors." Well it turns out that Reverend Miller was actually correct in his calculations but unfortunately fell victim to a typographical error that occurred during the Bible translation from the original Greek Septuagint.

   If you would like to learn more about how Reverend Miller may have been right after all, just click on the secure book link below and order your copy of Edward Oliver's book, "Prophets and Frauds," and reveal the typographical error that ended Reverend William Miller's ministry.






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