Nostradamus and the New York Attack


Did a Prophet Predict
the New York Attacks?

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   Scientists tell us that it is not possible for man to see into the future. But let's examine the facts. A book of prophecy that was on the shelves of every bookstore in America in the mid-1980s warned of the following future attacks upon New York City:


  1. An attack involving "New York" and a "bombing."

  2. An attack involving "New York" and its "towers or skyscrapers."


   A terrorist "bombing" of the World Trade Center basement parking garage did in fact take place on 2/26/93, and the attack on New York's "towers or skyscrapers" occurred on 9/11/2001. Erika Cheetham's book of prophecies by the French prophet Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566), also known as Nostradamus, accurately recorded these attacks on New York City long before they occurred. In the quatrain (4-line poem) below, Michel de Nostredame warns us that airplanes will be turned around to a new course and used to attack two large skyscrapers in the City of New York. This famous quatrain includes the original Old French verses and a link to an Old French dictionary for those who want to check the Old French word meanings:


  THE 9/11 QUATRAIN (1-87)

Enormous-promontories on fire in the center of the mainland,

Enno-sigee feu du centre de terre,

Will cause shaking in the towers of the City of New York;

Fera trembler au tour de Cite Neufve;

Two great stone-monoliths continuously will be attacked,

Deux grands rochiers longtemps feront la guerre,

This is when air-vessels will turn-round to a new course.

Puis aer-thuse rou-gira nouveau fleuve.




   Erika Cheetham's book, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," warned us about the 9/11 attack more than 15 years before it happened. Our national security agencies didn't pay attention to this warning because science dictates that it is not possible to see through time. But on September 11, 2001 two hijacked "air-vessels," did indeed "turn-round to a new course" and crash into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Although our national security agencies suspected that al Qaeda was planning an attack on the United States, only the Hebrew prophet Michel de Nostredame was able to identify their exact target as "two great stone-monoliths" in the "City of New York."


DECEPTION: The White House wasn't warned about the 9/11/2001 attack.

THE TRUTH: Author Erika Cheetham warned us about 9/11 in her 1986 book.


   Many books were published in the late 20th century by members of the academic community containing numerous mistranslated quatrains by the prophet Michel de Nostredame that acted to discredit the great prophet. Newer accurate translations of his quatrains have clearly demonstrated their uncanny accuracy. Unfortunately our national security agencies are now staffed by degreed college students who have been thoroughly indoctrinated by these same liberal academics who teach Marxist doctrines in our colleges and universities. The FBI requires its new employees to have college degrees, and therefore it is an unfortunate fact that all FBI agents are the product of an atheist (Marxist) education, and thus don't pay attention to Hebrew prophets.

   God speaks through His Hebrew prophets, and for thousands of years His people always heeded the warnings of the prophets concerning future events. It is now an unfortunate reality that we no longer pay attention to the prophets when it comes to warnings about our future. The socialists who now teach in our schools and universities have been very successful in discrediting the Hebrew prophets and thus our children no longer heed the warnings meant to save them.

   No one paid attention to the prophet Michel de Nostredame since Academia had labeled him a fraud. Unfortunately thousands of people in the City of New York lost their lives as a result. If you want to free yourself from the deceptions you've been taught since the day you were born, you can click one of the secure book links on this webpage to order a book by Edward Oliver and take your first step toward learning the truth from the prophets.








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