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   Is there any proof that it is possible to see into the future? The answer to that question is yes! If you want to see documented proof that events of the future can be foretold, then you've come to the right place. If you think that science disproves prophecy, you will be very surprised when you learn that science actually supports the record of prophecy. So have fun reviewing all the scientific evidence that supports the accurate predictions of the Hebrew prophets through the centuries:


The Covid-19 Prophecy

New York Attack?

Attack on Rome?

Cycle of the Presidents




Nostradamus and Covid 19

The Plan of Socialism

An Attack on the Vatican?

An Attack on New York?

The Cause of Global Warming

Metric System - Antichristian?

The Last Pope?

The Garabandal Prophecy

An Ottoman Resurrection

Nostradamus - ISIS

Mother Shipton - ISIS

The President and the Pope




The New York Attacks

An Attack on Rome?

The 9/11/2001 WTC attack

Napoleon Bonapart

Adolf Hitler

Who is "mabus?"

Prince William

Louis Pasteur

General Franco

Joseph Montgolfier

King Philip II of Spain

Angolmois, July 1999

May 11th Spanish Earthquake



Suddam's "Big Surprise"

The JFK Assassination

Antichrist - Pax Ney Loron

Antichrist - Hister

Antichrist - mabus

Pope John Paul I

Evolution or Creation?


Lyme Disease

West Nile Virus

Mad Cow Disease

The Immortal Reeves

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Year Without a Summer


How Christmas Won the War

The Great Disappointment

The Threes

Things Not True

Rhymes and Reasons



Noah's Flood

The Exodus

Daniel Chap 2

Daniel Chap 7

Daniel Chap 8

Revelation Chap 13

1st Antichrist

2nd Antichrist

The Last Days


The End

The Hebrew Prophets

The Stone of Destiny



2006 posted here on 9/1/2006:
Are you prepared for the upcoming worldwide economic depression?

2007 posted here on 12/1/2007:
Do you know that Global Warming caused the world's oceans to rise almost 10 ft. in 1000 AD?

2008 posted here on 1/1/2008:
Has the 10th planet of our solar system, Vulcan, already been discovered (Last Days)?

2009 posted here on 6/1/2009:
Is the world going to end in 2012?   NO!  (Hint:  Nostradamus prophecies run from 1555-2055 A.D.!)

2010 posted here on 9/1/2010:
Do you know that the next pope (Peter) is Malachy's LAST POPE of the Roman Catholic Church?

2011 posted here on 1/1/2011:
Will government by corporations, eventually lead us to Soylent Green?

2012 posted here on 12/12/2012:
Are we restoring the Ottoman empire by removing it's dictators (WWIII)?

2013 posted here on 2/11/2013:
Prepare the path for papa Pedro!

2014 posted here on 2/12/2014:
A house of glass shall come to pass in England, but alas, alas...

2015 posted here on 3/11/2015:
It's for your own good, Big Brother's wristband was designed to help you!

2016 posted here on 4/1/2016:
Will pope Francis lose his temper, and insult Muslims?

2017 posted here on 5/17/2017:
Are St. Malachy, Fatima, and Nostradamus all describing Rome's ruin?

2018 posted here on 1/27/2018:
WWIII is not U.S./NATO vs. Russia, but instead is U.S./Russia/NATO vs. ISIS?

2019 posted here on 1/01/2019:
Doctors still don't know Polio (AFM) source is the feces of waterbirds?

2020 posted here on 1/15/2020:
Will Schiff convince American capitalists to create a "socialist" U.S.A?

2021 posted here on 2/13/2021:
Will the Catholic Church continue to ignore its own prophecies?


All the above predictions were posted BEFORE the events occurred.


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