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Schiff and Socialism

How Schiff removed a nation's leader and created a socialist empire.


   His name was Schiff, and he successfully removed the Czar of Russia to create the U.S.S.R. People who study prophecy must always pay attention to the meaning of names. The name "Schiff" is of particular importance in world history, for it was a Schiff who created the world's first socialist empire.

   Schiff was a New York banker who tried to convince the Czar of Russia to allow Jews greater participation in the Russian banking system. When Czar Nicholas refused his request, Schiff decided to use the financial power of the banks of Europe and New York to remove the Czar from power. At the time the Japanese were involved in a dispute with Russia over control of the Korean peninsula, but the Japanese military was no match for the Russians. Schiff quickly hatched a plan to finance the factories of Nagasaki/Mitsubishi corporation to build a powerful military for the Japanese that would allow them to defeat the Russians and ultimately remove the Czar from power.

   By 1904 Japanese industry had assembled a powerful naval fleet that was far superior to that of the Russians, and Japanese forces launched an attack on the Russian Navy anchored at Port Arthur on the Manchurian peninsula. This superior force of Japanese Navy ships soon defeated Russia's Pacific fleet and captured Port Arthur. A declaration of war had been sent to Czar Nicholas II, but the declaration failed to arrive until after the attack had already taken place. Czar Nicholas then ordered his Atlantic fleet to sail to the rescue of Port Arthur, but the commanders of the fleet were unaware that they were sailing into a trap. When the Russian Navy finally arrived at Port Arthur, they were also quickly attacked and defeated by the superior naval forces of the Empire of Japan.

   This shocking defeat of a major world power by a small third world nation caused Schiff's actions to be exposed, and world powers were soon demanding that all industrial facilities on the island of Japan should be destroyed by naval bombardment. New York and European bankers quickly panicked because this meant the money they had invested in Japan's industry would be lost. But the bankers had one very powerful political ally in Washington D.C. He was America's new "progressive" president, Theodore Roosevelt (actually Rosenvelt), who'd been catapulted into the Presidency when the political anarchist Emma Goldman sent her ardent follower Leon Czolgosz to assassinate President McKinley and place Vice President Roosevelt into the White House.

   President Roosevelt quickly arranged for a "Peace Conference" to be held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire between the Russians and the the Japanese to come to an agreement to end the war. Schiff arrived at the Peace Conference to deliver a petition signed by 600 Jewish citizens from Lawrence, Massachusetts, urging a swift resolution to the conflict. Roosevelt wisely did not attend the conference, but was rewarded with the Nobel peace prize, and the popular Lester Levy even composed some sheet music to celebrate the occasion.

   Schiff was successful in removing the Czar from power and creating the U.S.S.R. (and also murdering the Czar and his family) but the economic effects of socialism soon resulted in the rise of Russian military dictator Joseph Stalin, who quickly disposed of Lenin and Trotsky and ruled Russia with an iron fist until his death in 1953. If you would like to learn more about how history often repeats itself, click on the link below to order your copy of the book "Eye of Providence" by Edward Oliver.





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