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    Yes, I know you'd like to believe that carbon emissions are causing global warming, but this website informed you in 2007 that climate change was merely a natural Earth cycle. A thorough examination of world history reveals that in 1000 A.D. the Earth was much warmer than it is today, and that 1000 years ago Arab sailors were able to walk the beaches of Antarctica and collect the eggs of nesting shore birds to use for their morning breakfast.

   We also know from historical records that in 1000 A.D. the Vikings landed on the shores of a large island in the North Atlantic they called Greenland because of its vast green grassland on which they were able to raise enough cattle to supply the needs of Europe for the next few centuries.

    Additionally, we know from historical records that in 1000 A.D. the world's oceans were rising so quickly that the Dutch were forced to build earthen dikes around their delta farmlands to keep rising seawater from ruining their fields. Dutch engineers borrowed windmill designs from the Turks and used these water pumping windmills to pump river water up over the dikes and into the ocean. Over 10,000 water pumping windmills were eventually needed to pump the water in springtime.

    In 1600 A.D. a Mini Ice Age reversed the global warming process and restored Antarctica's sea ice, thus lowering rising sea levels. This Mini Ice Age turned Greenland into the white land we know it as today and turned the water-pumping windmills of Holland into sawmills. All these historical facts and hundreds of others in history tell us that the 1100-yr. global warming and cooling cycle, accompanied by Great Solar Maximas and Minimas, is nothing more than a natural and recurring Earthly cycle.

   This Global Warming craze began because scientists monitoring Earth's surface temperatures noticed that those temperatures were slowly rising. Also, levels of carbon in Earth's atmosphere were increasing. They therefore concluded that rising levels of carbon in Earth's atmosphere were causing the planet to warm up. Apparently it never occurred to anyone that the exact reverse might be true. History will reveal that Earth's numerous Ice Ages produced decreases in atmospheric carbon levels on our planet that can be seen in ice core samples. Conversely, every time our planet warmed back up again, those carbon levels increased. In fact carbon levels during the global warming of the Jurassic Period were more than 4 times what they are today.

   This present Global Warming cycle however, will continue to raise sea levels in the coming decades and may actually accelerate as the cycle nears its peak. Reducing our present carbon output won't stop Global Warming, but the present warming cycle cannot be ignored. Steadily rising sea levels will produce major changes in our lifestyle. If you would like to know more about how the records of history can reveal information that clears up the confusion, click on the link below and order your copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."





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