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The Last Pope?

   By 2010 the world had nearly forgotten the thousand year-old prophecy of St. Malachy.  Over 800 years ago, a Catholic prelate, Saint Malachy O'Morgan, recorded his vision concerning the next 112 popes who would occupy the Vatican.  Malachy used brief two or three word Latin phrases to describe each pope on his list.   The Catholic Church declared Malachy to be a saint, and stored his prophecy in the Vatican Library in spite of the fact that the prophecy predicted the last pope on the list would witness the destruction of Rome.  For many centuries, the Malachy prophecy has been 100% accurate in its description of each pope, and by 2010 the list had finally dwindled down to the next to the last pope listed.

   This website reminded everyone on 9/1/2010, that the last pope on Saint Malachy's list was about to be elected, and on 2/11/2013 this website also predicted he would be the first LATIN AMERICAN pope ever elected to the papacy.  This website's predictions were all issued BEFORE pope Francis I was elected.  Malachy's prophecy predicted pope Francis would witness the destruction of the city of Rome.  So will a foreign army rise up to attack Rome and its papacy like the Ottoman armies did in the past?  Are the prophecies of Saint Malachy, Fatima, and Nostradamus all describing the very same event?

   Not many people in today's world would pay much attention to something so ridiculous as the Malachy prophecy, but the prophecy is also supported by two other prophetic sources.  The who and when of this prediction is contained in Malachy's prophecy, while the details about how the event will actually take place are carefully described in the Third Secret of Fatima, and lastly the reason why the event will take place is recorded by Nostradamus in a quatrain that says the pope will make statements that will anger Rome's enemies.  These offensive statements will cause an adverse reaction resulting in an attack upon Rome.  This situation will be similar to the one that developed when European journalists insulted Mohammed and suffered attacks by Muslims who considered the insults to be unforgivable, and sought revenge.

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