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The Metric System in the U.S.


   Yards or meters?  Why do Americans still stubbornly continue to use the British Measuring System?  The answer may surprise you!  The French Metric System first made its appearance in America in 1975 when President Ford signed on to the global Metric Conversion Act.  Most Americans had no use for this new French system of weights and measures and refused to accept it in place of their British system.  Americans continued to hold on to the original British system the founders brought along with them from England.  The British Imperial system was a Bible-based system based upon the size of the Earth, and embodied within the length of the sacred (pyramid) cubit used by the ancient Masons who built the Temple of Solomon.  The French Metric unit of measurement was legally established by the emperor Napoleon when France was overtaken by social revolution in the 1790s.  The original basis of the two measuring systems is defined as follows:


Sacred Cubit = 1/10,000,000th distance from N. Pole to Earth's Center
French Meter = 1/10,000,000th distance from N. Pole to Earth's Equator


   The Sacred Cubit of 25 British inches as affirmed by Isaac Newton and Charles Piazzi Smyth was the original basis for both the British and American systems of weights and measures that involved pounds, feet, and land measured in acres.  America's founders were Freemasons, who knew that their cubit-based system of weights and measures was recorded by the sons of Seth in the Great Pyramid in Egypt over 4000 years ago.  The French meter first appeared at the time of the French Revolution when Napoleon installed a new system of weights and measures and a new calendar based on the date of the French Revolution instead of the birth of Christ.  Napoleon's assistant, the Catholic bishop Charles Talleyrand, deliberately designed new laws and rules to replace and eliminate the British system that was used all over the world at the time.  The French "meter" however, remains a FLAWED unit of measure today as it was taken over the imperfect surface of the globe instead of through the center of the planet.

   God's people in America never did allow their Bible-based measuring system to be replaced by the antichristian measuring system of the emperor Napoleon and his socialist supporters.  Napoleon's evil plan represents the fulfillment of a Bible prophecy describing the first antichrist's plan to change our "times and laws" (Dan.7:25 KJV).  Napoleon, who signed his name using only the letter "N" (N + Apollyon = Napollyon the Destroyer - Rev. 9:11) tried to change our methods of calculating time by moving the Prime Meridian from London to Paris and creating the Napoleon Code of law.  The refusal of Americans to accept the Metric System as their main system of weights and measures is just one more proof that the people of God (Ephraim) are still living in America today.  Those who created our nation intended us to be leaders in the world, not followers of a global government system to which we must surrender our national sovereignty.  The founders never would have accepted the Metric System as their system of weights and measures.  Just click on the link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's amazing 350-page book "Prophets and Frauds" to learn more about this antichrist plot to destroy America's system of weights and measures.




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