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Evolution or Creation?

   Is the Theory of Evolution true or false?  In 1831 the famous British naturalist Charles Darwin decided to set out on a five-year voyage around the world.  Surprised by some highly unusual animal species he discovered on the Galapalos Islands off the coast of South America, Darwin promulgated a controversial theory based on the earlier Charles Russel Wallace "survival of the fittest" theory that suggested animal species were altered, or even newly created, through a gradual process of genetic adaptation to new and different environments over time.  Darwin theorized it was this same process that was responsible for the development of all animal species, including man.

   Darwin theorized that man had slowly evolved from the lesser apes over a time period of approximately 3 million years.  His theory infuriated many people in the religious community who believed in the biblical concept of Original Creation.  Darwin's Theory of Evolution soon began to be taught in American classrooms and resulted in a court battle in the State of Tennesee to prevent the teaching of Darwin's theory in public schools.

   Archeological digs were initiated all over the world to locate the many "missing links" between apes and humans.  Archeologists were able to identify some examples of "missing links" within the most recent portion of the last million years of human development that still exhibited long canine teeth and feet shaped like hands for climbing.  By the late 1960's scientists and academics were able to lobby the U.S. Supreme Court into allowing Darwin's theory to be taught in every classroom in America.

   In the early 1970's however, a truly shocking archeological discovery was unearthed in Africa that would totally undermine Darwin's controversial theory.  The discovery of "Lucy" would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that mankind had in fact lived on Earth well over 3 million years ago, at the very beginning of Darwin's famous cycle of human evolution.  According to Darwin's theory, man was not supposed to appear until the end of the evolutionary cycle, not at its very beginning.  The new species known as "A. aferensis" was an upright walking hominid, possessing long legs, short arms, teeth with no canine development, and feet shaped just like those of modern humans.  Shock and dismay reverberated throughout the scientific and academic communities as news of the discovery was announced.  Evolutionists acted quickly to conceal the significance of this truly amazing discovery.

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