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The First Antichrist

   Everyone wants to know the identity of the biblical Antichrist. Revelation 13 actually describes the coming of two antichrists (beasts) who'll cause great death and destruction in the world. The first of these antichrists leads the 7th world empire to oppress God's people, and conducts a destructive military campaign designed to spread the concepts of liberal enlightenment all around the globe. He crowns himself emperor of the world and will be given the power to hold the church and its leaders hostage for 42 months. The Bible says he leads a seven nation empire that is ruled by ten kings.

   This 1st Antichrist nearly succeeds in his plan to conquer the world, but is defeated by a Christian leader who correctly identifies him as the king of the "army of locusts" mentioned in the Bible.  Following biblical instructions, this Christian leader finally defeats this powerful 1st Antichrist.

   If you'd like to learn the identity of the mysterious 1st Antichrist of Revelation 13 and also learn the identity of the world leader who defeats him, click on the link below and order a copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book "Prophets and Frauds."





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