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WWIII and Armageddon

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   For many decades Americans have been worried about a coming war with Russia, but the truth is that a war with Russia is not in the cards. In fact, if you check war history, you'll find that the Russians were our allies during both WWI and WWII, and that during WWII many North American sailors gave their lives while trying to deliver vital war materials to our Russian allies. The treacherous "Mermansk Run" cost the lives of many American seamen. So who will we be fighting during WWIII? The Hebrew prophets tell us that WWIII, or Armageddon, will be a war between the sons of Isaac, and the sons of Ishmael (Islamics). The ancient enemy of Christianity was the Ottoman empire of Turkey. The Ottoman empire long ago disappeared, but Turkey has in recent years been converting back to its Islamic roots. The country that was forming closer relations with its European neighbors is now moving back to its Ottoman roots and it appears that the ancient Ottoman empire may soon be back. Armageddon is meant to be a punishment for the sin of Abraham with his wife's handmaiden Hagar, and also a punishment on the sons of Isaac for their sin of refusing to obey God's command to destroy the Canaanites. In 1914, WWI began in Sarajevo with the assassination of the heir to the Holy Roman Empire. It has been prophesied that WWIII will begin with the assassination of the other official of the Holy Roman Empire, the pope.

   There are hundreds of Internet websites now warning about the Saint Malachy prophecy that predicts Francis I will witness the destruction of Rome. Many other prophecies, like Fatima and Garabandal, also warn of a coming destruction for Rome. The Bible says that the world will soon be entering the time of the end, when all things will come into remembrance before the Lord. Please keep in mind that the battle of Armageddon is not the end of the world. The final judgement will not come until AFTER the battle of Armageddon. The final judgement will not be a nuclear war caused by the weapons of man, but will instead be a judgement of God that will come in the second half of this century. If you want to learn more about what the Hebrew prophets predicted for your future, click on the safe link below to order a copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book "Prophets and Frauds".





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