Nostradamus, Malachy and Fatima - Rome Attack?

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Malachy, Nostradamus,
Fatima, Garabandal,
an Attack on Rome?

Warnings Ignored?

   Do you know that the ancient Hebrew prophets predicted that an attack upon Rome would occur under this papacy? The prophecies of Saint Malachy, Garabandal, and the Third Prophecy of Fatima, all predict that Rome will soon be invaded by enemy soldiers who will ruin Rome and kill the pope. In 2013, the Archbishop Georg Ganswein told pope Benedict XVI that he felt the St. Malachy prophecy might be true, and could represent a "wake-up" call for the Church. On March 1, 2013, the St. Malachy prophecy was the top story on the Internet, because the prophecy predicted the next pope would witness Rome's destruction. The St. Malachy prophecy however wasn't the only prophecy warning of a coming destruction for the city of Rome:


   THE FIRST PROPHECY comes from an Irish Catholic saint who was the Archbishop of Armagh in the 12th century. This prophecy was long ago officially approved by the Catholic Church and stored in the Vatican's archives in spite of the fact that it predicted the future destruction of Rome. Saint Malachy listed 112 future popes destined to rule Rome from the papacy of Celestine II in 1143 AD until the last papacy of "Petrus Romanus," (ITALIAN: Pietro de Romano) our present pope. Pope Francis named himself after St. Francis "de Pietro" of Assisi, and his family came out of the small town of "Romano" in northern Italy. Followers of Saint Malachy say that Pope Francis will be the pope who will witness the destruction of Rome:




    "During a final persecution of the
Roman Church sits Petrus Romanus
(ITAL: Pietro de Romano), who will
feed his flock through many
tribulations. This accomplished,
the seven-hilled city (Rome) will
be destroyed, and the Dreadful
Judge will judge His people."


                   Saint Malachy



  THE SECOND PROPHECY in chronological order, comes from the prophet Nostradamus, who also wrote a prophecy describing the ruin of Rome. This Nostradamus quatrain was written in 1555 A.D. and says that the pope will make a remark insulting Islamics. The statement will be taken so seriously that it will result in a retaliatory attack upon Rome by Muslim militants who will "ruin" the holy city. Apparently the walls of Rome's buildings won't be destroyed, only its Christian idols and human occupants. In the quatrain below Nostradamus describes the ruin of Rome. A link to an Old French dictionary has been included for those who wish to check the Old French word meanings.



Oh vast Rome, thy ruin approches.
Ou vaste Romme, ta ruyne s'approche,
Not of thy walls, but of thy blood and substance;

Non de tes murs, de ton sang substance;
The bite of thine utterings will be such a horrible snip,

L'aspre lettres fera si horrible coche,
The point of the blade thrust all the way to the handle.

Fer poinctu mis a tous jusques au manche.




  THE THIRD PROPHECY also comes out of the Catholic Church and was also approved by Catholic Church officials. This vision, received by three young shepherd children in 1917 in the town of Fatima, Portugal, includes a description of a future pope who walks through Rome witnessing the city in ruins and littered with corpses. The First Fatima secret predicted the coming of WWII. The Second Fatima secret accurately predicted the conversion of Russia and fall of the Berlin Wall. The last Fatima prophecy remained secret until 1960 when Pope John XXIII read the prophecy and was so frightened by it that he exclaimed "This is not me!" and ordered it placed back into the Vatican vaults. This Third Secret of Fatima describes a future pope being led by soldiers through the city of Rome in ruins and littered with corpses. The pope is marched with others up a steep hill where he kneels down at the foot of a large wooden cross to pray and is then shot by these soldiers who've apparently invaded the holy city. The shrines at Fatima are visited by thousands of people each year, including the popes of Rome:




   "And we saw an immense light that
is God, something similar to how
people look in a mirror when they
pass in front of it, a bishop dressed
in white (we had the impression it
was the holy father) other bishops,
priests, men and women religious,
going up a steep hill, at the top of
which was a big cross with a rough
hewn trunk, like a cork tree with the
bark. Before reaching there, the Holy
father passed through a big city half
in ruins. Half trembling, in halting
steps afflicted by pain and sorrow, he
prayed for the souls of the corpses
he passed along the way. Having
reached the top of the hill, on his
knees at the foot of the big cross,
he was killed by a group of soldiers
who shot bullets at him..."


               Sister Lucia dos Santos


  THE FINAL PROPHECY also comes out of the records of the Catholic Church. This fourth warning was first received in 1961 by four innocent young farm girls in Garabandal, Spain who were warned by the Virgin Mary that priests, Bishops and Cardinals were committing perditious sins, and that the church might suffer the future "wrath of God" if something wasn't done. High officials in the Vatican would not admit to any problems within the church at the time. In 1965 the final vision involved the archangel Michael who stated that where before the cup of sin was filling up, it was now running over, and the church may suffer a future "chastisement" for these sins. It was revealed decades later that the Catholic Church had indeed been covering up the sins of many priests, Bishops, and Cardinals, who were assisting in the sexual abuse of minors that began in the 1960s and continued on for more than five decades, involving hundreds of thousands of young victims.




The Church may suffer the future
"wrath of God" because many
cardinals, many bishops and
many priests are following the
path to perdition and are taking
many other souls along with

               Conchita Gonzalez



   These prophecies were not made by any enemies of the Catholic Church. These prophecies were in fact made by loyal Catholics who were trying to warn the Church about a frightening future event. The Fatima prophecy came from three innocent young children, two of whom were later made saints of the Catholic Church. The Garabandal vision was also received by four young school aged girls in a remote village in northern Spain that had no real connections to the outside world. The Malachy prophecy came through a Catholic Archbishop who was later made a saint. Even the prophet Nostradamus was a loyal and paid advisor to the Catholic Queen of France, Catherine de Medici. Prophecies were meant to serve as warnings to God's people about approaching events.

   There are hundreds of websites on the Internet warning about these threats to Rome, but Rome seems to be ignoring them all. Why isn't the pope increasing his security forces? Pope Francis does not seem to be paying much attention to these warnings, in spite of the fact that they came out of the Vatican's own archives. If you'd like to know more about what the Hebrew prophets predicted for your future, click on the secure link below and order your copy of Edward Oliver's revealing book "Eye of Providence."





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