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AFM Polio

Watch out for EV-infected feces of waterbirds!

   This new "Polio-like" illness spreading across America should not be a mystery to anyone. In the 1950s, America's ponds and lakes were overrun with Mallard ducks, and it was a popular pastime for parents to take their children to a local pond to "feed the ducks" pieces of stale bread. Before long many children began to exhibit symptoms of a paralytic muscle disease known as Polio. Polio was soon crippling and killing thousands of children across America. This new disease produced general paralysis of major muscle groups within the body. If the disease attacked the diaphragm muscles, breathing could be negatively affected and result in confinement within an "Iron Lung" machine. The original source of the epidemic was never identified.

   Doctors were not aware that when America's duck hunters were sent off to fight in WWII, populations of ducks along duck flyways in the U.S. started to expand exponentially, and nature was forced to step in with a plague to reduce duck numbers. Before long, the water in local ponds and lakes was polluted by the feces of infected ducks, and only a noseful of water ingested by a child swimming at the local beach could produce paralysis of the limbs in a young victim of this paralytic duck plague lurking in America's ponds and lakes. (Polio = Duck Plague).

   Approximately two decades later in the mid 1970s, children in the southwestern part of Connecticut were falling victim to another crippling disease identified as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It seems that liberals from New York City had recently moved into the area and were campaigning against the killing of deer by Connecticut deer hunters. Their campaign to stop deer hunting resulted in a severe overpopulation of Whitetail deer in that part of the the state. When the epidemic began to spread eastward, doctors in the small town of Lyme, Connecticut decided they would investigate to see if they could determine the actual cause of this epidemic, and soon determined that all the children involved had been bitten by a deer tick just prior to developing a rash that formed in a bulls-eye pattern around the site of the tick bite. This overpopulation of white-tailed deer caused nature to respond with a plague to help reduce deer numbers and unfortunately the same ticks spreading the disease through the deer herds were also biting children and infecting them as well. (Lyme Disease = Deer Plague)

   It seems that we now find ourselves in the same position as our European ancestors in the 1300s, who did not realize that unsanitary conditions in their cities had resulted in an overpopulation of rats. Nature activated the natural mechanism of disease to reduce rat numbers, but unfortunately the fleas that were so efficiently spreading the plague through the rat populations, also bit humans as well. The resulting rat (Bubonic) plague killed over a quarter of the human population of Europe. Today we sometimes look back upon the ignorance that was responsible for the deaths of over 70 million people in the rat plague epidemic of the 14th century. But what has changed? In the 1950s, doctors never figured out the original host animal for Polio. If they had, they'd have warned America's mothers to keep their children away from the EV-infected feces of the waterbirds at the local pond. In 1952 alone their ignorance was responsible for the deaths of over 3000 innocent children and adults.

   Whether this current AFM-Polio epidemic might have been caused by an overpopulation of Canada Geese or the common Seagull still remains to be seen, but unlike Mallard ducks these waterbirds poop on the sand of the beach, not in the water. So mothers beware! It is unfortunate that our modern medical professionals still have not recognized the vital role that disease mechanisms play in nature, and so still have not identified the original host animals for these modern zo-onotic episodes. If you'd like to know more about how this new epidemic of an old disease could have easily been prevented, click on the link below to order a copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."






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