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Polio-like Illness

Don't accidentally swallow any pond water.

   This Polio-like illness spreading across America should not be a mystery to anyone. In the 1950s, America's ponds and lakes were overrun with Mallard ducks, and it was a popular pastime for parents to take their children to a local pond to "feed the ducks" pieces of stale bread. It wasn't very long before many children began to suffer an epidemic of paralytic Polio-meyelitis. This crippling muscle disease could produce general paralysis in major muscles of the human body. Paralysis of the diaphragm muscles could halt breathing and result in confinement within an Iron Lung machine. The source of this terrible disease was never identified.

   Doctors did not realize that when America's duck hunters were sent off to fight in WWII, populations of wild ducks in the U.S. began to expand out of control, and nature was forced to step in with a plague to reduce duck populations in lakes and ponds. Before long the water in local ponds was polluted by the feces of infected ducks, and only a single noseful of water ingested by a child swimming at the local town beach could result in paralysis for any innocent young victim of this paralytic duck plague lurking in America's waterways. (Duck Plague = Polio).

   In the 1970s the children of southwestern Connecticut were coming down with another mysterious crippling disease originally identified as "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis." A recent influx of liberal New York commuters had resulted in many changes for this formerly rural part of the state. These New Yorkers were opposed to the killing of deer by Connecticut deer hunters, and their campaign to stop deer hunting soon resulted in an overpopulation of White-tailed deer in that portion of the state. Doctors in the small town of Lyme, Connecticut decided they would investigate to see if they could determine the true cause for this epidemic and soon discovered that all the children involved had been bitten by a deer tick just prior to developing the disease. Nature had produced a disease to reduce the large deer herd, and now that disease was being spread to young children as well. (Deer Plague = Lyme Disease)

   It seems that we are now in the same position as our European ancestors in the 1300s who didn't realize that unsanitary conditions in their cities had resulted in an overpopulation of rats. Nature immediately produced a plague upon the rats to reduce their numbers. Unfortunately, the same fleas that were spreading the plague through the rat populations also bit humans as well. The resulting rat plague killed nearly one quarter of the population of Europe. Our modern medical professionals still don't recognize the vital role that disease mechanisms play in God's natural world, and therefore have still not identified the host animals for these modern zoonotic epidemics. If you'd like to learn more about how these modern epidemics of zoonotic disease could have easily been prevented, please click on the link below to order a copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."






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