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Old French Dictionary T

   This glossary (T) can provide a valuable reference for French words in general use during the 15th century, including appropriate Latin, Castilian, Old Latin, Greek, Catalan, etc., references. New words will be added to this dictionary periodically as they become available.



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Ta/Tes/Ton - (O.F. p.) your, thy

Table - (O.F. n.) table

Taintz - (F. p.) tainted by, mixed with

Taire - (O.F. a.) silent, still, quiet

Tant - (O.F. p.) so much, so long

Tard - (O.F. a.) late, too late

Taureau - (O.F. n.) bull

Taurer - (O.F. n.) a papal bull

Taurus - (O.F. n.) Taurus, bull

Teccon - (O.F. n.) wise fox, craftsman

Teinct - (O.F. a.) tainted, stained

Tel/Telle - (O.F. a.) like, so, such (fem.)

Temerite - (F. n.) hastiness, foolhardiness

Temp/Temps - (O.F. n.) time, times

Temple - (F. n.) temple

Tempre - (O.F. a.) tempered

Tenu - (O.F. v. past.) held
         note: from French "tenir, tiendra" - take, hold, confine

Terme - (O.F. n.) term

Terre/Terra - (O.F. n.f.) land, earth, soil, ground, mainland, island, etc.
         note: "terra-firma"

Terrestre - (O.F. a.) terrestrial, land-going

Territoire - (O.F. n.) territory, land

Tesmoins - (O.F. v.) testify, witness

Teste - (F. n.) head, brain, thinking, cleverness

Theatre - (O.F. n.) theater, amphitheater

Thuille - (O.F. n.) tiles, thuileries (tileworks), Tuileries Palace

Thuse - (O.F. n.) tube

Tiens - (O.F. p.) yours, thine

Tiendra - (O.F. v. fut.) will hold, will take, will take account of, etc..
         note: from French "tenir, tiendra" - take, hold, keep, esteem, take account of

Tiers - (O.F. a.) third, the Third Order (Dominicans)

Tiltre - (O.F. v.) tittle, to go back, to complete, to avenge
         note: Old French "tiltre" - "a brace of dogs layed
         in a place to let slip at a deer as he passeth by"
source: Randall Cotgrave's 1611 Old French Dictionary

Timide - (O.F. a.) timid, fearful

Ton - (O.F. p.) your, their, thine

Tosquan - (O.F. n.) Tuscan

Tost - (O.F. a.) quickly, suddenly

Tour - (O.F. n.f.) tower, skyscraper

Tournera - (O.F. v. fut.) will return

Tous - (O.F. a.) all, totally, entirely, completely

Tout/Toutes - (O.F. n.) all, the whole, all things, everything

Tout - (O.F. a.) totally, completely

Toy - (O.F. p.) you, thee

Tradiment - (O.F. n.) treachery

Trahir/Trahyr - (O.F. v.) betray, deceive, commit a traitorous act

Tranche - (O.F. v.) trenching, slicing, cutting, sectioning

Tranner - (O.F. v.) swim across, cross over
         note: from Latin "trano, tranner" - to swim across

Tranquil - (O.F. n.) tranquility

Translate - (O.F. v.) translate, transfer, trade, exchange

Trappe - (O.F. n.) a great troop, an army

Treisner - (F. n.) a difficult trek, movement, or assault
         note: from Old French "traisner" - to move with great difficulty, drag

Trembler - (O.F. v.) tremble, shake

Tres - (O.F. a.) much, most, very

Trespas - (O.F. n.) passing, death, departing

Trestous - (O.F. a.) each and every one

Tributaire - (O.F. n.) tributary, province, those paying tribute or taxes

Triomphe/Triumphe - (O.F. n.) triumph

Trois - (O.F. a.) three

Trompette - (O.F. n.) trumpet

Trop - (O.F. a.) much, too much

Trou - (O.F. n.) peep-hole, spy glass

Trouble - (O.F. n.) trouble, threat, confusion

Troupe - (O.F. n.) many, a company of people

Trouve/Trouveront - (O.F. v.) find, discover, reveal, expose to view

Trucider - (O.F. v.) to strike dead

Tu - (O.F. a.) wholly, entirely, totally, completely

Tuer - (O.F. v.) murder, kill

Tues - (O.F. p.) kills, murders

Tumbera - (O.F. v. fut.) will tumble, will fall

Tunis - (F. n.) Tunis

Tyrans - (O.F. n.) violence, tyranny

Tyrannie - (O.F. n.) tyranny, tyrannous rule



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   The above glossary (T) lists specific references to many Old French words that were in general use during the 15th century in France.  Its references may also be found in modern French dictionaries such as the Cassell's French Dictionary (hardcover edition) and other older texts.  The Old French word definitions may often be found under classical "class." or figurative "fig." definitions.  If you can't find the appropriate definition in the French section of the dictionary, try doing a reverse look-up in the English section of the same dictionary.  The 15th century Old French language made heavy use of both Latin and Greek words.  These Latin and Greek word definitions can be verified by researching the appropriate Latin or Greek dictionaries.  Some word definitions have survived almost completely intact into modern times, and can be located by simply typing them into an Internet search engine.

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