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Old French Dictionary C

   This glossary (C) can provide a valuable reference for French words in general use during the 15th century, including appropriate Latin, Castilian, Old Latin, Greek, Catalan, etc., references. New words will be added to this dictionary periodically as they become available.



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Cache - (O.F. a.) hidden, held close, concealed

Caige - (O.F. n.) metal cage, metal armor, metal enclosure, armored vehicle

Calpre - (O.F. n.) Gibraltar

Camp - (O.F. n.) army encampment

Canon - (O.F. n.) cannon

Cantio/Cautio - (O.F. v., past.) issued, warned

Cap. - (O.F. n.) captain, sheriff

Captif - (F. n.) captive, captivity

Car - (O.F. p.) for, because of, due to, insomuch as

Carmanie - (O.F. n.) Persia, Iran, Persian cult
         note: Carmania or Karmana - Persia

Castel - (O.F. a.) Castilian, Spanish

Castillon - (O.F. n.) Castle, Chateau

Cause - (O.F. n.) cause, reason

Cave - (F. n.) cave, vault, catacomb, tomb

Ce - (F. p.) this,that, it, etc..

Cela - (O.F. p.) that, even that, although, etc..

Celebrere - (O.F. v.) celebrate

Celeste - (O.F. n.) the celestial heavens, the sky, the stars

Celle - (O.F. n.) house, house servant

Celtique - (O.F. a.) Celtic, Gallic, French, Frenchman

Celuy/Celui - (O.F. p.) the one, that one, those, etc.

Cens/Cent - (O.F. n.,a.) hundred, century
         note: from Old French "cen, cent" - one hundred

Censunto - (O.F. v.) take account of, consider carefully, etc..

Centre - (O.F. n.) center, middle

Cervoise - (F. n.) beer, ale

Ces - (O.F. a.) ceasing, silent, quiet, secretive

Cessee - (O.F. p.) ceasing

Ceux/Ceulx - (O.F. p.) these, those, that, etc.

Chair - (O.F. n.) flesh, meat

Champ - (F. n.) field, battlefield

Change - (F. n.) change, alteration

Changeront - (O.F. v., fut.) will change, will exchange, etc..

Chant - (F. n.) chant, song, cock-crow, call, etc..

Chasses - (O.F. n., plur.) wounds
         note: from French "chasse" - shoot, stab, wound
         note: this is mispelled as "classes" in some quatrains

Chassez - (O.F. v., past.) chased away, hunted down, sought out, expelled

Chat - (O.F. n.) cat

Chaud/Chault/Chaux - (O.F. n.) heat, quicklime, hot

Chausses - (O.F. n. plur.) shoes, walking breeches

Chef - (O.F. n.) chief, head, person in charge

Chemin - (F. n.) road, path, route, way

Cher - (O.F. n.) loved one, dear one

Chercher - (O.F. v.) search for, seek

Cherra - (O.F. v., fut.) will seek
         note: from Old French "chercher" - to seek

Cheval - (O.F. n.) a horse

Chief - (O.F. n.) chief, higher authority, spiritual authority

Chien - (O.F. n.) dog

Chrestian - (O.F. n.) Christian

Ciel/Cieux - (O.F. n.) sky, heavens

Cinq - (F. a.) five

Cinquante - (F. a.) fifty

Cita/Citadel - (O.F. n.) fort, castle

Cite'/City - (O.F. n.) city

Cite' Neufve - (O.F. n.f.) City of New (York)
         note: In the past NYC was named
                  The City of New Amsterdam,
                  The City of New Angouleme,
                  The City of New Netherlands,
                  The City of New Orange and
                  The City of New York, but it
                  was always the City of "New".

Clarte - (O.F. n.) clarity, enlightenment

Class/Classe - (O.F. a.) classical, military rank, naval fleet
         note: this is a mispelling of "chasses" in some quatrains

Claude - (O.F. n.) limp

Clercz - (O.F. n.) cleric, clergy

Clere - (O.F. a.) clear, just

Clerge - (O.F. n.) Clergy

Climat - (O.F. n.) region, part, portion (of the sky)

Cloz - (O.F. a.) close, near

Coche - (O.F. n.) nick, cut, wound

Coeur - (F. n.) heart

Coffre - (O.F. n.) dresser, chest

Cogneu/Cogneuz - (O.F. p.) recognized, revealed, perceived, made known

Coing - (O.F. n.) corner, nook, wedge
         note: from Old French coing/coigne - wedge, corner
         note: this may be another spelling error (as in arethuse/aerthuse)

Combat - (O.F. n.) combat

Comete - (O.F. n.) comet

Comme - (O.F. p.) even as, like, alike etc..

Commence - (O.F. p.) commenced, begun

Commettre - (O.F. v.) commit, demonstrate, show, assign

Compagne - (O.F. n.) companion, consort, fellowship, brotherhood

Competiteur - (O.F. n.) competitor

Comprins - (O.F. a.) compromised, controlled, suspended, aloof

Comte - (O.F. n.) a Count, Earl, county, shire, country, place, land, etc..

Compte - (O.F. n.) account, on account, score, held in suspension

Conceder - (O.F. v.) concede, consent to, give in

Concorde - (O.F. n.) agreement, accord, contract

Conduire - (O.F. v.) to conduct, lead

Conduit - (O.F. p.) brought together as, arranged into

Confin - (O.F. n.) confines, limits, border

Conflit/Conflict - (O.F. n.) conflict, fighting

Conforme - (O.F., v.) conform

Conjoinct - (O.F., a.) conjoined

Conjurez - (O.F. n. plur.) conjurers, conspirators, deceivers

Conseil - (O.F. n.) counsel, authority, judgement, power

Consentir - (O.F. v.) to consent, agree, realize

Consort - (O.F. n.) consort, accomplice

Consurez - (O.F. a.) discredited, censored
         note: from Old French "conseurrez" - discredited

Contemnera - (O.F. v., fut.) will contend with, will argue with

Contens - (O.F. a.) happy, content

Contens - (O.F. n., plur.) contenders, opponents, antagonists

Contra/Contre - (O.F. p.) against, over, upon, into

Contrades - (O.F. n., plur.) contradictions, conflicts

Contrainct - (O.F. p.) constrained, forced, compelled

Contraire - (O.F. p.) against

Contrees - (O.F. n. plur.) countries, lands, nations

Conuiera - (O.F. v., fut.) will be conjured up, called upon

Converts - (O.F. n., plur.) converts

Copies - (L. n., plur.) troops, forces, armies
         source: Cassell's Latin Dictionary ISBN# 0-02-522580-4

Coq/Coqz - (F. n.) cock, rooster

Cor - (F. n.) horn

Corne - (O.F. n.) horn, animal horn

Cornet - (O.F. n.) trumpet, horn

Coronal/Coronel - (O.F. n.) royal, supported by the crown

Corps - (O.F. n.) body, soul, corpse

Corruer - (O.F. a.) corrupted

Cors - (O.F. n.) corpse

Corseigne - (O.F. n.) Corsica, Corsican

Coste - (O.F. n.) coast

Coucher - (O.F. v.) lay down, recline, rest, put to bed

Coup - (O.F. n.) coup, a sudden change

Cour - (O.F. n.) Royal Court

Courage - (O.F. n.) bravery, courage

Courra - (O.F. v. fut.) will course, will run a course, will pass by

Courre - (O.F. n.) courtier

Courrir - (O.F. v.) run
         note: courier-runner

Cours - (O.F. n.) course, path

Courte - (O.F. a.) pertaining to a "straight-buttoned" courtier or soldier

Coutaux - (O.F. n.) high ground, high deed, aloof position

Couvert - (O.F. a.) covered, overshadowed

Cracher - (O.F. v.) to spit, spatter, spill

Craigne - (O.F. n.) fear, dread

Craindre - (O.F. v.) to fear

Crainte - (O.F. n.) fear

Craintif - (O.F. a.) fearful, dreadful

Credit - (O.F. n.) credit, reputation, authority, esteem

Creuz - (O.F. p.) digging out, hollowing out

Crevera - (O.F. v., fut.) will cut, will slash, will pierce

Crier - (O.F. v.) cry out

Cris - (O.F. n., plur.) cries

Criticos - (O.F. n., plur.) critics

Croire - (O.F. p.) believed, committed

Croix - (O.F. n.) cross, Christian cross

Croistra - (O.F. v., fut.) will grow, will expand, will rise, will increase
         note: from Old French "croissance" - growing, increasing

Crue - (O.F. a.) familiar, long trusted, vintage

Cruelle - (O.F. a.) cruel

Cruez - (O.F. p.) disemboweling

Cuidoit - (O.F. n.) forethought

Cuisine - (O.F. n.) food, cuisine

Custodeaux - (O.F. n.) custody



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   Old French word references may also be found in modern French dictionaries such as the Cassell's French Dictionary (hardcover edition) and other older texts.  The Old French word definitions may often be found under classical "class." or figurative "fig." definitions.  The 15th century Old French language made heavy use of both Latin and Greek words.  These Latin and Greek word definitions can be verified by researching the appropriate Latin or Greek dictionaries.  Some word definitions have survived almost completely intact into modern times, and can be located by simply typing them into an Internet search engine.

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