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Old French Keyword Dictionary (M)

   Many Old French words can be found by simply looking them up in any modern French dictionary. This glossary lists those words that are no longer a part of the modern French language. New words will be added to this glossary as soon as they become available.



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Ma - (O.F. p.) my

Mabus - (O.F. n.) sudam (mirror image of mabus)

Macelin - (O.F. n.) evil one, cruel one, a person of low birth

Macter/Machter - (O.F. n.) malleable earth

Main/Maintenant - (O.F. n.) hand, taking, pillage
         note: c'et maintenant - then there will be

Mais - (F. p.) but

Mal/Maling - (O.F. a.) badly, poorly, evil

Malefique - (O.F. a.) dangerous

Malheureuse - (O.F. n.) misfortune, misery

Malheureuses - (O.F. a.) ill-timed, unhappy

Manche - (O.F. n.) hilt, handle, sleeve

Manne - (F. n.) food

Mansol - (O.F. n.) Great-One, Holy-One, Refined-One, Revered-One
         note: from Latin "Manus Solus" or "Humanus Solus" - Man of the Sun

Marbre - (O. F. n.) marble

Marc - (O.F. n.) the German $ mark (currency)

Marcher - (O.F. n.) marching

Marinade - (O.F. n.) mix

Marine - (O.F. n.) marine, sea, maritime, ocean

Marriage - (O.F. n.) marriage

Mars - (L. n.) war, warlike attack, battle, rebellion, passion
         note: Latin "Mars" - god of war

Masculine - (O.F. a.) masculine

Masques - (O.F. n. plur.) artists, entertiners, performers, actors

Masle - (O.F. n.) male

Mastin - (O.F. n.) master, guardian, watcher, keeper, monk

Matiere - (O.F. n.) subject matter, legal discourse, papal edict

Mature - (O.F. a.) fully, carefully

Medlier - (O.F. n.) belt, waist sash

Menant - (O.F. v. fut.) will lead

Mene - (O.F. p.) led off

Menees - (O.F. n. pl.) plotted events, conspiracies

Mer - (O.F. n.) ocean, sea, body of water

Mercy - (O.F. n.) mercy

Mere - (O.F. n.) mother

Meslee - (O.F. n.) melee, attack, skirmish

Meslera - (O.F. v. fut.) will mix

Mesme - (O.F. p.) same, self

Mettant - (O.F. v.) they are putting out, leaving

Mettra - (O.F. v. fut.) will put, will commit to death

Meurtre - (O.F. p.) murdered

Midi - (O.F. a.) midday, southern

Mil/Mille - (O.F. a.) thousand

Milieu - (O.F. n.) middle

Million - (O.F. a.) million

Mine - (O.F. a.) shown, witnessed

Mis - (O.F. v.) put, place, thrust

Mitre/Mittre - (O.F. n.) a bishop's mitre, or the paper mitre of shame

Moindre - (F. p.) least

Moine - (O.F. n.) monk

Moins - (O.F. a.) less, lest

Mois - (O.F. n.) month

Monarchie - (O.F. n.) monarchy

Monarque - (O.F. n.) monarch

Monde - (O.F. n.) the world

Monstre - (O.F. a.) monstrous, ominous, incredible

Montaigne - (O.F. n.) mountain, Rome

Monument - (O.F. n.) monument

Mords - (O.F. n. plur.) injuries

Mort - (O.F. a.) dead, death, deceased

Mourra - (O.F. v fut.) will die, will end, will murder

Mourrir - (F. p.) to die

Moyennant - (O.F. n.) means, method

Moyens - (O.F. n. plur.) deeds, acts, ways

Mueire - (O.F. n.) glaze coating

Multe - (O.F. n.) warning, advise

Munismes - (O.F. n., plur.) stores, supplies, money, currency, booty

Muraille - (O.F. n.) wall, rampart

Murs - (O.F. n. plur.) walls

Myrnarmee - (O.F. n.) loyal followers



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   The Old French language included many words from Latin and Greek word roots and also regional dialects such as Provencal and and Catalan. You can also check under the classical "class." and figurative "fig." listings in larger modern French dictionaries. Old French can also differ from modern French, since words like "fleuve," which now means "river," also meant "route" or "course," in Old France because rivers were often used as the safest "route" or "course" when travelling between major cities, since roads were poorly maintained, and robbers often waited along these routes. Please keep in mind that many figures of speech such as the "oil and the wine," which does not seem to make much sense today, in those days meant the "good things."

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