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Old French Dictionary A

   This glossary (A) can provide a valuable reference for French words in general use during the 15th century, including appropriate Latin, Castilian, Old Latin, Greek, Catalan, etc., references. New words will be added to this dictionary periodically as they become available.



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A - (O.F. p.) to, of, at, toward, by way of, etc.

Aage - (O.F. n.) age, experience

Abismera/Abysmera - (O.F. v., fut.) will make abysmal, will spoil, will undermine

Abismant - (O.F. n.) spoil, suffering

Absent - (O.F. a.) absent

Accompaigne - (O.F. p.) together with, accompanied by, etc.

Accomplit - (O.F. a.) accomplished

Accorde - (O.F. n.) accord, agreement, contract

Accueillir - (O.F. a.) received, accepted, accumulated

Acheve - (F. v.) finish, achieve, complete

Aconite - (O.F. n.) aconite, wolfs-bane, poison

Acre - (O.F. a.) eager, sharp, bright, shining

Acte - (O.F. n.) act, deed, action

Adjoignant - (O.F. v., fut.) will unite, will adjoin

Adjutoire - (F. n.) aid, assistance, warning

Adore - (O.F. a.) adored, admired

Adversaire - (O.F. n.) adversary, opponent

Advis - (O.F. n.) advice

Aemathien - (GR. n.) Imathien, Pertuis d'Antioch, Trojan De Bains
         note: Macedonia, Greece: "Imathia"

Aerain - (O.F. n.) brass

Affaire - (O.F. n.) affair, matter, bargain, agreement

Afrique - (O.F. n.f.) Africa

Agassas - (O.F. a.) worried
         note: from French "agacer" (O.F. "agasser") - worry

Agen - (O.F. n.) Agen (city in France)

Aide - (O.F. n.) aid, help, assistance

Aigle - (O.F. n.) eagle, Napoleon

Aime - (F. a.) liked, loved

Ains - (O.F. e.) thus it is, thus it will be, so it shall be, etc.
         note: from French "ainsi" - thus it is, so it was, etc.

Aisnez - (O.F. a.) elder, eldest

Air/Aer/Are - (O.F. n.) air

Aliter - (O.F. a.) alternately, otherwise

Alors - (O.F. p.) then, at that time, in that case, etc..

Aloy - (O.F. n.) beef, meat

Alpes - (O.F. n.) Alps

Alquiloie - (O.F. n., plur.) Alchemists

Amas - (O.F. n.) heap, mound, a great number

Ambassadeur - (F. n.) Ambassador

Amateur - (O.F. n.) lover, wooer

Ame - (O.F. n.) soul, spirit, ghost

Amener - (O.F. v.) to bring, lead, or lead off

Amere - (O.F. a.) angry, spiteful

Americh - (O.F. n.) America

Ami/Amy - (O.F. n.) friend

An/Ans - (O.F. n.) year, annual, place, position

Aneau - (O.F. a.) encircled, trapped, forced to accept

Anes - (O.F. n., plur.) asses, fools

Anglais - (F. a.) English

Anglois - (O.F. n.) the English people

Angleterre - (F. n.f.) England

Angolmois - (O.F. n.f.) Angol-people, Angol-nation
         note: Angola, African "n'gola" - king, kingdom
         note: "Angolmois" - "those of Angol"

Animal - (F. n.) beast, brute, animal

Antechrist - (F. n.) antichrist, antechrist (before-Christ)

Antique - (F. a.) old, antique, ancient

Antropophage - (O.F. n.) cannibalism

Aperceu - (O.F. p.) appeared, seen, noticed, espied, perceived

Apparoistra - (O.F. v., fut.) will appear

Approche - (O.F. v.) approach

Apres - (O.F. p.) after, behind, next, later, near

Aprets - (O.F. n.) upset

Apuy - (F. n.) support, tie, binding, connection

Aquatique - (O.F. a.) aquatic, sea-going

Aquilonaire - (O.F. a., n.f.) northern, those of the North, Russia

Aqueduct - (F. n.) aqueduct, flow of life

Arabes - (F. n., plur.) Arabs

Araigner - (O.F. v.) weave, web (spider)

Arant - (O.F. v. fut.) will plow (arable soil)

Arbre - (O.F. n.) tree

Arc - (O.F. n.) arc, bow, arch

Arctique - (F. n.) arctic

Ardante - (O.F. a.) ardent, burning, hot, intense

Arethuse/Aer-thuse - (L. n., plur.) air-vessel, tube-shape metal vessel
         search: "Arethuse submarines" on the Internet:
         Arethusa tankers, metal air-tubes, etc..

Aries - (O.F. n.) Aries

Armee - (O.F. n.) army, military force

Armes - (O.F. n., plur.) arms (military), military forces

Arriere - (O.F. a.) rear

Arroi/Arroy - (O.F. n.) array, order, disarray, disorder

Arrouse - (O.F. v.) to wet, moisten, dew, waterflow

Artemide - (O.F. n.) Artemis

Arton - (O.F. a.) pained, troubled

Aruspices - (O.F. n.) intestines

Asop/Ascop - (L. a.) undersea
         note: "asco-phyllum" - undersea plants

Asie - (F. n.f.) Asia

Asne - (O.F. n.) ass, fool, donkey
         note: from French "ane" - ass, donkey
         note: from Old French "asne, asse" - ass, donkey

Aspre - (O.F. n.) harshness, roughness, sharpness

Assaut - (O.F. n.) assault, attack

Assemblee - (O.F. n.) General Assembly, Senate

Assaillir - (O.F. v.) assail, assault

Asseurez - (O.F. a.) assured, saved, secured

Assis - (O.F. a.) seated, situated

Astrologi - (O.F. n., plur.) Astrologers

Astronomes - (O.F. n., plur.) Astronomers

Attendu/Attendra - (O.F. v., fut.) will wait, will await, there will await, you may expect, etc.

Attentif - (O.F. a.) attentive

Attrectato - (O.F. p.) tempted, attracted

Au/Aux - (O.F. p.) to, of, at, toward, by way of, etc.

Aucun - (O.F. n.) someone, anyone

Augure - (O.F. n.) omen, portent, evil sign

Augures - (O.F. n. plur.) augurs, diviners, interpreters of signs and omens

Aumi - (O.F. n.) alms, begging worship

Aupres - (O.F. a.) near, nearby, close by

Aura/Auront - (F. v., fut.(avoir)) will have, will obtain, will possess

Aussi - (O.F. p.) too, also, likewise

Autheur - (O.F. n.) author, writer

Autra - (O.F. n.) another

Autres - (F. n., plur.) others

Aux - (O.F. p.) to, of, at, toward, by way of, etc.

Avant - (O.F. p.) before, in advance of, not yet occurring

Avare - (O.F. n.) avarice, greed

Avec - (O.F. p.) with, at the same time as, etc.

Avecques - (O.F. p.) together with, combined with, etc.

Avertira - (O.F. v., fut.) will inform, will control, will direct

Aveugle - (O.F. n.) blind, helpless

Avint - (O.F. v., fut.) shall happen, will occur

Avoient - (O.F. p.) avoiding

Avoir - (O.F. p.) having, possessing

Avons - (O.F., p.) have, having been, etc.

Azure - (O.F. a.) blue



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   Old French word references may also be found in modern French dictionaries such as the Cassell's French Dictionary hardcover edition and other older texts.  The Old French word definitions may often be found under classical "class." or figurative "fig." definitions.  If you can't find the appropriate definition in the French section of the dictionary, try doing a reverse look-up in the English section of the same dictionary.  The 15th century Old French language made heavy use of both Latin and Greek words.  These Latin and Greek word definitions can be verified by researching the appropriate Latin or Greek dictionaries.  Some word definitions have survived almost completely intact into modern times, and can be located by simply typing them into an Internet search engine.

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