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Old French Keyword Dictionary (A)

   Many Old French words can be found by simply looking them up in any modern French dictionary. This glossary lists those words that are no longer a part of the modern French language. New words will be added to this glossary as soon as they become available.



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A - (O.F. p.) at, on, etc..

Aage - (O.F. n.) age, experience

Absent - (O.F. a.) absent, missing

Abysmera - (O.F. v. fut.) will undermine, will undo

Accompagne - (O.F. p.) accompanied

Accomplit - (O.F. a.) accomplished

Accord - (F. n.) agreement

Accueillir - (O.F. p.) welcomed, recieved, accepted

Acheve - (O.F. v.) achieve

Aconite - (O.F. n.) aconite, wolfs-bane, poison

Acre - (O.F. p.) shining

Acte - (F. n.) act, action

Adjoignant - (O.F. v. fut.) will join up, will unite

Adjutoire - (O.F. n.) assistance

Adore - (O.F. a.) adored, venerated

Adversaire - (O.F. n.) adversary

Advertira - (O.F. v. fut.) will announce, will advertise

Advis - (O.F. p.) advised, warned

Aemathien - (GR. n.) Imathien, Pertuis d'Antioch, Trojan De Bains
         note: Macedonia, Greece: "Imathia"

Aerain - (O.F. n.) brass

Affaire - (O.F. n.) matter, affair

Agassas - (O.F. a.) worried

Aide - (O.F. n.) aid, assistance

Aigle - (O.F. n.) eagle, Napoleon

Aime - (O.F. n.) lo

Ains - (F. p.) even so, willingly, being so, etc..

Air/Aer/Are - (O.F. n.) air

Aisnez - (O.F. a.) elder, eldest

Aliter - (O.F. p.) otherwise

Alquiloie - (O.F. n., plur.) Alchemists

Alors - (O.F. p.) then, at that time

Aloy - (O.F. n.) beef roast

Amas - (O.F. a.) numerous, a great number

Amateur - (O.F. n.) lover, wooer

Ambassadeur - (O.F. n.) ambassador

Ame - (O.F. n.) soul

Amenez - (O.F. n.) assembled, gathered

Amere - (O.F. a.) bitter, spiteful

Amy/Ami - (O.F. n.) friend

An - (O.F. n.) year

Aneau - (O.F. n.) seal

Anes - (O.F. n., plur.) asses, fools

Anglais - (F. a.) English

Anglois - (O.F. n.) the English people

Angleterre - (F. n.f.) England

Angolmois - (O.F. n.f.) Angol-people, Angol-nation
         note: Angola, African "n'gola" - king, kingdom

Animal - (F. n.) beast, brute, animal

Annemark - (O.F. n.) Denmark, Scandinavia

Antechrist - (F. n.) false Christ

Antique - (O.F. a.) antique, ancient

Antropophage - (O.F. n.) cannibalism

Apperceu - (O.F. p.) appeared, seen

Approche - (O.F. p.) approaches

Apres - (O.F. p.) after

Aprets - (O.F. n.) upset, confusion

Apuy/Appuy - (O.F. n.) support

Aquatique - (O.F. a.) aquatic, sea going

Aquilonaire - (O.F. a., n.f.) northern, those of the North, Russia

Araigner - (O.F. v.) weave

Arant - (O.F. v. fut.) will plow (arable soil)

Arbon - (O.F. n.) Bonn

Arc - (O.F. n.) arch, bow, circle, ring

Arctique - (O.F. n.) arctic

Arethuse/Aer-thuse - (L. n., plur.) air-tubes, air-vessels, tube shape metal vessels
         search: Arethuse vessels. submarines, airplanes, oil tankers, etc..

Argent - (O. F. n.) silver

Aries - (O.F. n.) Aries the Ram

Armee - (O.F. n.) army, Napoleon's Grand Armee

Armes - (O.F. n.) arms, weapons

Arriere - (O.F. p.) to the rear, in back of

Arroi - (O.F. n.) disarray

Arrouse - (O.F. p.) water flowing

Arton - (L. p.) assembled

Aruspices - (O.F. n.) intestines

Asne - (O.F. n.) ass, fool, donkey

Asop/Ascop - (L. a.) undersea
         note: "ascophyllum" - undersea plants

Aspre - (O.F. a) harsh, biting

Assaut - (O.F. n.) assault

Assemblee - (O.F. n.) assembly, parliament, government leaders

Asseurez - (O.F. p.) assured

Assis - (O.F. p.) seated, settled

Astrologi - (O.F. n. plur.) astrologers

Attendra - (O.F. v. fut.) will await

Attentif - (O.F. a.) attentive

Attrectato - (O.F. p.) be attracted

Au/Aux - (O.F. p.) in the, to the, at the, of the, etc..

Aucun - (O.F. p.) without

Augere - (O.F. n.) sign, omen

Augures - (O.F. n plur.) diviners

Aumi - (O.F. p.) begging

Aupres - (O.F. p.) near

Aura - (O.F. v. fut.) will have, will be, etc..

Aussi - (O.F. p.) also

Autheur - (O. F. n.) author, writer

Autra/Autres - (O.F. n.) other, others

Avant - (O.F. a.) before, in advance of

Avare - (F. n.) greed, avarice

Avec - (F. p.) with

Aveugle - (O.F.v.) protect, disguise

Avoient - (O.F. p.) had

Avoir - (O.F. p.) having

Azur - (O.F. a.) blue



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   The Old French language included many words from Latin and Greek word roots and also regional dialects such as Provencal and and Catalan. You can also check under the classical "class." and figurative "fig." listings in larger modern French dictionaries. Old French can also differ from modern French, since words like "fleuve," which now means "river," also meant "route" or "course," in Old France because rivers were often used as the safest "route" or "course" when travelling between major cities, since roads were poorly maintained, and robbers often waited along these routes. Please keep in mind that many figures of speech such as the "oil and the wine," which does not seem to make much sense today, in those days meant the "good things."

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