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Old French Dictionary G

   This glossary (G) can provide a valuable reference for French words in general use during the 15th century, including appropriate Latin, Castilian, Old Latin, Greek, Catalan, etc., references. New words will be added to this dictionary periodically as they become available.



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Galois/Gaulois - (F. n.) French, the French people

Gand - (O.F. n.) Ghent

Garde - (O.F. n.) guard, warden, officer

Garder - (O.F. v.) guard against, defend

Garse - (O.F. n.) prostitute, whore

Gaulois/Galois - (O.F. n.) French, the French people

Gaule - (O.F. n.f.) France, the French

Gebenoise - (O.F. a.) of Holland

Gelee - (O.F. n.) ice, frost

Genevoise - (O.F. a.) of Geneva

Gennes - (O.F. n.f.) Genoa

Gens - (O.F. n. plur.) humans, people

Gent - (O.F. n.) a nation, a regime, a people

Germain/Germanie - (F. n.a.) Germany, German

Gettez - (O.F. p.) cast away, tossed away,

Gire/Gira - (O.F. v.) gyrate, spin, turn, turn around
         note: from O.L./Castilian/Catalan/Spanish:
         gire/gira/girar/girare - turn, gyrate

Globes - (O.F. n. plur.) globes, cylinders

Glomes - (O.F. n. plur.) tight groups, canclaves, conglomerates

Gorgon - (O.F. n.) Dragon, Satan, Beast, Antichrist

Goulfre - (O.F. n.) gulf of water

Grand/Grande - (F. a.) great, grand, great leader, great army, etc..

Grandemont - (O.F. a.) very greatly

Grand Armee - (O.F. n.) a great army, Napoleon's "Grand Armee" of France

Grans/Grands - (O.F. a.) great, grand, large

Gravee - (O.F. a.) grave, serious, obstinate, stubborn

Gravier - (O.F. n.) sand, gravel

Griphon - (O.F. n.) griffon

Gris - (O.F. a.) grey, raw, cold

Grogne - (O.F. n.) a growing disappointment, a problem

Guerdonnez - (O.F. a.) supported, reinforced

Guerre - (O.F. n.) war, warlike attack

Guerir - (O.F. v.) heal, recover, mend

Guet - (O.F. v.) watch, see

Guieres - (O.F. a.) scarcely, not for long



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   The above glossary (G) lists specific references to many Old French words that were in common use during the 15th century.  Its references may also be found in modern French dictionaries such as Cassell's French Dictionary hardcover edition and other older texts.  The Old French word definitions may often be found under classical or figurative definitions.  If you can't find the appropriate definition in the French section of the dictionary, try doing a reverse look-up in the English section.  The 15th century Old French language made heavy use of both Latin and Greek.  These Latin and Greek word definitions can be verified by researching the appropriate Latin or Greek dictionaries.  Some word definitions have survived almost completely intact into modern times, and can be located by simply typing them into a search engine.

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