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Old French Dictionary L

   This glossary (L) can provide a valuable reference for French words in general use during the 15th century, including appropriate Latin, Castilian, Old Latin, Greek, Catalan, etc., references. New words will be added to this dictionary periodically as they become available.



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La - (O.F. p.f.) the

Lac - (O.F. n.) lake

Laisse - (O.F. v.) to leave, let go of, let loose

Lampe - (F. n.) oil lamp

Langue - (O.F. n.f.) language, speech, tongue

Lascher - (O.F. v.) lash, beat, unleash, attack, pound, fire upon

Lasche - (O.F. a.) loose, slack, lowly, cowardly, treacherous

Lasse - (O.F. a.) tired, lazy, weary, etc.

Laude - (L. n.) praise, laud
         note: from Latin "laudo" - to praise

Le/Les - (O.F. p.m.) the

Legis - (O.F. n.) legislation, law

Legent - (L. v.) read
         note: from Latin "lego, legent" - to read, peruse

Legier - (F. a.) quickly, swiftly

Leman - (O.F. n.) lac Leman (lake Geneva)

Lettres - (O.F. n. plur.) letters, decrees

Leur - (O.F. p.) their

Libyques - (O.F. n. pl.) Libyans

Romone - (O.F. n.) Rome

Lict - (O.F. n.) seat, place, bed, a military base or encampment

Liee - (O.F. a.) tied, bound

Lieu/Lieux - (O.F. n.) place, land, position, presence, lineage

Ligue - (O.F. n.) league, line

Lire - (O.F. v.) to read

Lis/Lys - (O.F. n.) lilly

Liturgie - (F. n.) Liturgy

Livre - (O.F. p.) given, delivered

Livres - (O.F. n. plur.) books

Loi/loy - (O.F. n.) law, legal authority

Loing - (O.F. a.) far

L'on - (O.F. v. fut.) he will be, it shall be, etc.

Londres - (O.F. n.f.) London

Long - (O.F. a.) long, extended, outstretched

Long-temps - (O.F. a.) for a long-time, continuously

Longue - (O.F. a.) long, drawn out, delayed, incessant

Lors - (O.F. p.) then, whilst, etc..

Louange - (O.F. n.) praise, fame

Loup - (O.F. n.) wolf

Lubrique - (O.F. a.) slippery, deceitful, lascivious

Lui/Luy - (O.F. p.) he, him, the same, his, her, their, them, etc..

Luna/Lune - (F. n.) Moon

Lunaire - (O.F. n.) Crescent Moon, Middle East

Lux/Luxe - (O.F. n.) (fig.) the prize, the brass ring, the light

Luy - (O.F. p.) the same, he, she, it, them etc..

Lyon - (O.F. n.) lion, the city of Lyon

Lys/Lis - (O.F. n.) Lilly



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   Old French word references may also be found in modern French dictionaries such as the Cassell's French Dictionary (hardcover edition) and other older texts.  The Old French word definitions may often be found under classical "class." or figurative "fig." definitions.  If you can't find the appropriate definition in the French section of the dictionary, try doing a reverse look-up in the English section of the same dictionary.   Some word definitions have survived almost completely intact into modern times, and can be located by simply typing them into an Internet search engine.

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