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Old French Keyword Dictionary (L)

   Many Old French words can be found by simply looking them up in any modern French dictionary. This glossary lists those words that are no longer a part of the modern French language. New words will be added to this glossary as soon as they become available.



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La - (O.F. p. m.) the, a, an

Lac - (F. n.) lake

Laisses - (O.F. p.) let loose, abandoned, left, captive

Lampe - (F. n.) oil lamp

Langue - (O.F. n.) speech, tongue

Lasche - (O.F. a.) loose, slack, lowly, cowardly, treacherous

Lascher - (O.F. v.) lash, beat, unleash, attack, pound, fire upon

Lasses - (O.F. a.) lazy

Laude - (O.F. n.) praise

Le - (O.F. p. f.) the

Legent - (O.F. v.) read

Legier - (O.F. a.) swiftly, quickly

Legis Canto - (O.F. n.) law given

Leman - (O.F. n.) lac Leman (lake Geneva)

Les - (O.F. p. plur.) the, those, those people

Lettres - (O.F. n. plur.) letters, communications, epistles, decrees

Leur - (O.F. n.) their, them, they, those etc..

Liberte - (O.F. n.) liberty

Lict - (O.F. n.) seat, place, bed, a military base or encampment

Liee - (O.F. p.) fastened, tied, bound

Lieu/Lieux - (O.F. n.) place, bloodline, position, authority

Liturgie - (O.F. n.) Liturgy

Livree - (O.F. p.) given up, delivered

Loi - (O.F. n.) law, rule

Loing - (O.F. p.) far, long, much

Long - (O.F. p.) long, along

Longtemps - (O.F. p.) for a long time, continuously

Lors - (O.F. a.) then

Louange - (O.F. n.) praise

Loup - (F. n.) wolf

Loy - (O.F. n.) law, rule

Lubrique - (O.F. a.) loose, lascivious

Lui/Luy - (O.F. n.) the same

Luna/Lune - (O.F. n.) moon

Lunaire - (O.F. n.) Crescent Moon, Middle East

Lusitains - (L. n. plur.) Portuguese

Lux/Luxe - (O.F. n.) (fig.) the prize, the brass ring, the light

Luy - (O.F. n.) the same

Lyon - (O.F. n.) lion, or the city of Lyon

Lys/Lis - (O.F. n.) Lilly



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   The Old French language included many words from Latin and Greek word roots and also regional dialects such as Provencal and and Catalan. You can also check under the classical "class." and figurative "fig." listings in larger modern French dictionaries. Old French can also differ from modern French, since words like "fleuve," which now means "river," also meant "route" or "course," in Old France because rivers were often used as the safest "route" or "course" when travelling between major cities, since roads were poorly maintained, and robbers often waited along these routes. Please keep in mind that many figures of speech such as the "oil and the wine," which does not seem to make much sense today, in those days meant the "good things."

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