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Old French Keyword Dictionary (S)

   Many Old French words can be found by simply looking them up in any modern French dictionary. This glossary lists those words that are no longer a part of the modern French language. New words will be added to this glossary as soon as they become available.



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Sa - (O.F. p.) her, its

Saccager - (O.F. v.) sack

Sacer - (O.F. n.) priest
         note: ancient French "sacer" - sacred one, priest

Sacre - (O.F. a.) sacred

Sacrifice - (O.F. n.) sacrifice

Saignera - (O.F. v. fut.) will bleed

Saint - (O.F. a.) sainted, holy

Saisi/Saisiz - (O.F. v.) seize, seized

Samarobryn - (O.F. p.) overspreading, pouring over, covering, etc..

Sang - (O.F. n.) blood, bloodshed

Sanguin - (O.F. p.) bullish, celebrating

Sans - (O.F. p.) without

Satrapie - (O.F. n.) satrap, government leaders

Saturnans - (O.F. n. plur.) Hungarians

Sauts/Saults - (O.F. n. plur) great leaps, efforts, accomplishments

Sauve - (O.F. p.) saved

Scaura - (O.F. v. fut.) will know, will discover, will reveal

Scelestes - (O.F. n. plur.) villains, criminals, charlatans

Sceptre - (O.F. n.) scepter, law, authority

Scisme - (O.F. n.) schism

Script - (O. F. n.) script

Scyphe - (O.F. n.) chalice

Se - (O.F. p.) he, they, etc..

Secatombe - (O.F. n.) death plot

Second - (O.F. a.) second, next in line

Secours - (O.F. n.) help

Secret - (O.F. a.) secret

Secte - (O.F. n.) sect

Seductive - (O.F. a.) seductive, deceiving

Seduicts - (O.F. p.) seduced, deceived

Seduira - (O.F. v. fut.) will seduce

Seicher - (F. p.) suffering, withered

Seicheresse - (O.F. n.) drought

Seige - (O.F. n.) the rich, Lordly masters, holy see

Seing/Sing - (O.F. n.) sign

Sel & Vin - (O.F. n.) salt and wine (good times staples)

Selin - (O.F. n.) Sultan (Selim)

Seline - (O.F. n.) Adriatic

Selle - (O.F. n.) seat, stool

Senate - (O.F. n.) Roman Senate, Roman Curia

Senestre - (O.F. a.) sinister

Sens - (O.F. p.) sensing

Sept/Septaine - (O.F. a.) seven, seventh, in Seventh Heaven, beyond the bounds or limits

Septante - (O.F. a.) seventy

Septieme - (O.F. a.) seventh

Sepulchre - (O.F. n.) sepulcher, tomb

Sepulturer - (O.F. p.) buried

Sera/Seront - (O.F. v. fut.) will be

Serpens - (O.F. n.) serpents, snakes, poisonous snakes

Serrez - (O.F. p.) enclosed

Servitude - (O.F. n.) servitude

Servue - (O.F. n.) service, services

Ses - (O.F. p.) their

Seul - (O.F. a.) alone, independent

Sex/Sext - (O.F. a.) six, sixth, Pope Sixtus V

Si - (O.F. p.) if, such, so, etc..

Siecle - (O.F. n.) cycle, age, period of time

Siege - (O.F. n.) royal seat, holy seat

Siens - (O.F. n. plur.) his own

Signe - (O.F. n.) a sign, symbol, mark, insignia, the Christian cross

Simple - (O.F. a.) simple

Simulacres - (O.F. a.) similar, statues

Singulier - (O.F. a.) singular

Six - (O.F. n.) six

Soeur - (O.F. n.) sister

Soif - (O.F. n.) thirst

Soilard - (O.F. n.) "soiled-one", a housekeeper or washperson

Sol/Solaire - (O.F. n.) sun

Soldat - (O.F. n.) soldier

Soleil - (O.F. n.) sun, brightness, purity

Solitude - (O.F. n.) solitude

Solus - (O.F. p.) alone

Son - (O.F. p.) his, her

Sonne - (O.F. n.) sound

Sont - (O.F. a.) deceitful, flawed, imperfect

Sordide - (O.F. n.) corrupt

Sort - (O.F. n.) lottery, lot, chance, choosing, judgement

Sortant - (O.F. v. fut.) will leap up, will surprise

Sortira - (O.F. v. fut.) will leave, will depart, will rise or sink

Soubz - (O.F. a.) hidden, under, secret, subtle

Soulz - (O.F. a.) hidden, occult

Soupire - (O.F. v.) to sigh, gasp

Sous - (O.F. p.) under

Soustenens - (O.F. p.) sustaining, supporting, maintaining

Souverain - (O.F. a.) sovereign

Sparte Claude - (O.F. n.) great limp

Suave - (O.F. a.) mysterious

Subite - (O.F. a.) sudden, swift, quick

Sublimes - (O.F. a.) hidden

Submerge - (O.F. a.) submerged

Subrogee - (O.F. p.) subrogated, vulnerable

Subscrit - (F. n.) handwriting

Substance - (O.F. n.) substance, flesh, matter

Succedera - (O.F. v. fut.) will succeed

Successeur - (O.F. n.) successor

Suite - (O.F. p.) chased, pursued

Suivra - (O.F. v. fut.) will follow

Sunto - (O.F. v.) stay, remain

Superstile - (O.F. p.) exceeded, beyond forgiveness

Sur - (O.F. p.) on, on top of

Surmontera - (O.F. v. fut.) will defeat

Surnom - (O.F. n.) surname, title

Surnon - (O.F. p.) none before

Surprendra - (O.F. v. fut.) will surprise

Surprins - (O.F. p.) surprised

Surrez - (O.F. p.) enclosed, assured

Sus - (O.F. p.) on, on top of

Suses - (O.F. n.) Swiss, Switzerland

Suscitees - (O.F. v.) resusitate, rise again
         note: from French "susciter" - resusitate

Suspect - (F. n.) suspect, suspicion

Suspendu - (O.F. p.) suspended

Syphe - (O.F. n.) Chalice, goblet



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   The Old French language included many words from Latin and Greek word roots and also regional dialects such as Provencal and and Catalan. You can also check under the classical "class." and figurative "fig." listings in larger modern French dictionaries. Old French can also differ from modern French, since words like "fleuve," which now means "river," also meant "route" or "course," in Old France because rivers were often used as the safest "route" or "course" when travelling between major cities, since roads were poorly maintained, and robbers often waited along these routes. Please keep in mind that many figures of speech such as the "oil and the wine," which does not seem to make much sense today, in those days meant the "good things."

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