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Chapter 1

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    Welcome to the most accurate prophecy website on the Internet. Why read false Nostradamus prophecies when we provide the original Old French verses, and an Old French Keyword Dictionary to look up the meaning of Old French words and phrases not still in use today. Only 962 quatrains from Nostradamus' original collection still exist today, but when correctly translated they are a truly amazing example of Hebrew prophecy that is still operating in modern times.



   Being seated at night in my secret study,

   Estant assis de nuict secret estude,

   Alone, sitting upon a stool of brass;

   Seul repose sus la selle d'aerain;

   A revealing flame shall leap forth from the solitude,

   Flambe exigue sortant de solitude,

   Granting that which is not to be believed in vain.

   Faict prosperer qui n'est a croire vain.

   Quatrain #1-1: In this poem Nostradamus explains to us the exact method he employs to receive his visions of the future. At night he retreats to his secret study and uses a method similar to that of the ancient Greeks, at the Oracle of Delphi, who also used a stool of brass. Modern science isn't able to explain how Nostradamus was able to successfully bridge the bonds of time to record the future.




   From the East will come a Punic heart,

   De L'Orient viendra la couer Punic,

   Angry with the Hadrie & the heirs of Romulus;

   Facher Hadrie & les hoirs Romulides;

   Accompanied by the Libyan fleet,

   Accompagne de la classe Libyque,

   A trembling at Malta & the nearby vacated islands.

   Trembler Mellites & proches isles vuides.

   Quatrain #1-9: Nostradamus describes preparations for the 1565 attack on the Mediterranean island of Malta by the Ottoman (Islamic) Empire. The Catholic heirs of Rome defending the island were known as the "Knights of Malta," and they successfully held Malta against an Ottoman army that vastly outnumbered them.




   Serpents transported within a cage of iron

   Serpens transmis dans la caige de fer

   To where the seven children of the King are held;

   Ou les enfans septaines du Roy son pris;

   The elders & brothers will sink lower than Hades,

   Les vieux & peres sortiront bas d'e l'enfer,

   Ere to die witnessing the fruits of death and mourning.

   Ains mourir voir de fruict mort & crys.

   Quatrain #1-10: When King Henry II of France is unexpectedly killed during a jousting match in 1559, the Catholics decide to capture the throne of France. On orders from the Pope, two Dominican friars are dispatched from Italy to work in the royal kitchens and mix snake venom into the food fed to Henry's heir, Francis II.




   The unseen is discovered, hidden for such a long time,

   Perdu trouve, cache de si long siecle,

   He will, Pasteur, as a demi-God be honored;

   Sera, Pasteur, demi-Dieu honore;

   This is when the moon completes her great cycle,

   Ains que la lune acheve son grand siecle,

   But through other's slanders, he will be dishonored.

   Par autres vents, sera dishonore.

   Quatrain #1-25: Nostradamus incredibly includes Louis Pasteur's name in this prophecy, describing the great microbiologist's discovery of the long-hidden microbe. He also describes the date of the event as being at the end of the Great Cycle of the Moon in the 1880's (i.e. The Roussat Moon Cycle 1535-1888). He then goes on to tell how Pasteur becomes the object of slander by his jealous colleagues in the European medical community. Nostradamus recorded this quatrain over 200 years before Pasteur was born.




   When an aquatic vehicle (traversing) land & water,

   Quand le poisson terrestre & aquatique,

   By powerful waves onto the sand shall be propelled;

   Par forte vague au gravier sera mis;

   Its strange form mysterious & horrific,

   Sa forme estrange suave & horrifique,

   From the sea to the walls, very quickly toward the enemy.

   Par mer aux murs bien tost les ennemis.

   Quatrain #1-29: In this quatrain Nostradamus' describes his vision of the the D-Day invasion of France that began on June 6, 1944. During a fierce storm the amphibious landing craft moved quickly onto Normandy's sandy beaches and prepared to assault the high rock walls that the NAZIs had heavily fortified with tank turrets and machine guns.




   The grand empire will be quickly exchanged

   Le grand empire sera tost translate

   For a tiny area, which very soon expands;

   En lieu petit, que bien tost croistre;

   A rather unfamous place in a forgotten land,

   Lieux bien infame, d'exigue comte,

   In the middle of which he will come to lay down his scepter.

   Ou au milieu viendra poser son sceptre.

   Quatrain #1-32: Nostradamus describes the first exile of Napoleon on the island of Elba on May 4th 1814. Napoleon was allowed to retain full legal (sceptre) authority on Elba, but the emperor eventually decided to expand his empire once more by escaping back to France and regaining control of the French army. Napoleon's return was of short duration, lasting only about 100 days. Met at Waterloo by the English general, Wellington, Napoleon was defeated and again placed into exile on the more remote island of Helena, where he eventually succumbed to stomach cancer.




   The younger lion, shall overcome the older

   Le lyon jeune, le vieux surmontera

   On the field of combat, by singular duel;

   En champ bellique, par singulier duelle;

   Through armor of gold, his eye will be pierced,

   Dans caige d'or, yeux luy crevera,

   Two wounds in one, then to die a cruel death.

   Deux chasses une, puis mourir mort cruelle.

   Quatrain #1-35: This is the poem that made Nostradamus famous in his own time. It describes a royal duel that took place on July 1st, 1559, in which the French king, Henry II, wearing a golden jousting helmet, was wounded in the eye and brain by the splintered lance of his opponent, Capt. Gabriel Montgomery, of the Scottish Guard. The reference to lions alludes to lions on the shields of both men. Henry lingered for 10 days before dying a cruel death from his wounds.




   Twenty years of the reign of the Moon having passed,

   Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,

   Seven thousand years and another will take up his throne;

   Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie;

   When the sun shall complete its weary days,

   Quand le soleil prendra ses jours lasses,

   Then accomplished & witnessed will be my prophecies.

   Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie.

   Quatrain #1-48: Nostradamus predicts that in the Last Days, all his prophecies would eventually be proven true. Unfortunately it would be too late for them to benefit anyone in a highly skeptical modern world. The 21st century is a time of high technology and great scientific achievement. The word of the Hebrew prophets plays a minor role in a world interested only in pursuing its own path to success.




   Long before such events,

   Beaucoup avant telles menees,

   Those of the East, by virtue of the (Crescent) moon,

   Ceux d'Orient, par la vertu lunaire,

   In the 17th century will make great conquests.

   L'an mil sept cens feront grands emmenees.

   They will nearly subjugate a corner of Russia.

   Subjugant presque le coing Aquilonaire.

   Quatrain #1-49: At the end of the 17th century the Ottomans, under the flag of the Crescent Moon, had already conquered most of the Balkan peninsula and were now slowly encircling the Black Sea. Peter the Great of Russia attacked the fort at Azov to prevent the Ottomans from claiming the wedge (corner) of Russian land that lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. On July 18, 1696 the Ottomans at Azov surrendered to the Russians.




   Delivered by cesarean, it will be born with two heads

   Tranche le ventre, naistra avec deux testes

   And four arms; for a few years it is strong and shall live;

   Et quatre bras; quelques ans entiers vivra;

   On the day that the Alchemists shall celebrate their holidays

   Jour qui Alquiloie celebrera ses festes

   At Fossano and Turin, it will follow the chief of Ferrara.

   Fossen, Turin, chef Ferrara suivra.

   Quatrain #1-58: A set of Siamese twins are paraded through the streets of Fossen and Turin in Italy by European Alchemists trying to demonstrate that indeed anything is possible. They are lobbying the government for more funds to support continued research into the new science of Alchemy, promising everyone that they'll soon succeed in their efforts to turn lead into gold.




   An Emperor will be born near Italy,

   Un Empereur naistra pres d'Italie,

   Who shall cost the Empire very dearly;

   Qui a l'Empire sera vendu bien cher;

   It will be said by those who rally about him,

   Diront avec quelz gens il se ralie,

   That he will prove less prince than butcher.

   Qu'on trouvera moins prince que boucher.

   Quatrain #1-60: Nostradamus warns the world of the coming of the antichrist Napoleon, who was born August 15, 1769, on the island of Corsica off the coast of Italy. Napoleon Bonapart will eventually capture the throne of France, and conquer more land, create more destruction, and kill more people than anyone before him.




   Tempest, hatred, war, in Iran not ceasing,

   Pluie, faim, guerre, en Perse non cessee,

   Those of too great a faith will betray the Monarch;

   La foy trop grand trahira le Monarque;

   But the end begins in France,

   Par la finie en Gaule commencee,

   A secret sign for one to be surrounded.

   Secret augure pour a un estre parque.

   Quatrain #1-70: In this incredible quatrain Nostradamus predicts the fall of the monarchy of Persia (Iran). Nostradamus informs us that the order to end the monarchy will come from France, and in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini, living in exile in Paris, does in fact issue his secret order for his followers to rise up and overthrow the Iranian government. Surrounded by fundamentalist revolutionaries, the Shah is forced to flee to Egypt.




   The great queen, upon seeing herself vanquished,

   La grand royne, quand se verra vaincue,

   Will exibit an excess of masculine courage;

   Fera exces de masculine courage;

   On a horse she will cross the river totally unprotected,

   Sus cheval fleuve passera tout nue,

   Pursued by swordsmen; an act of outrage!

   Suite par fer; a foy fera outrage!

   Quatrain #1-86: The vanquished queen, Mary Queen of Scots, escapes her captors by stealing a horse and riding unprotected through the night trying to reach more friendly territory. She is pursued all night by armed swordsmen on horseback. The extreme bravery exhibited by this queen is noted by Nostradamus along with the cowardice of those pursuing her.




   Enormous-promontories on fire in the center of the mainland,

   Enno-sigee feu du centre de terre,

   Will cause trembling in the towers of the City of New (York);

   Fera trembler au tour de Cite Neufve;

   Two great rock-monoliths continuously will be attacked,

   Deux grands rochiers longtemps feront la guerre,

   This is when air-vessels will turn-round to a new course.

   Puis are-thuse rou-gira nouveau fleuve.

   Quatrain #1-87: In 1981 Nostradamus author Erika Cheetham stated in her now famous book, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, that Quatrain #1-87 described an "Attack on New York" involving its "towers or skyscrapers", but incredibly no one pays any attention to the warning. On 9-11-2001 Arab terrorists will attack and destroy the two World Trade Center towers in New York City by hijacking airplanes and turning them around to a new course, exactly as Nostradamus described.




   A divine evil will surprise the grand Prince,

   Le divin mal surprendra le grand Prince,

   Shortly before this, he shall have taken a bride;

   Un peu devant aura femme espouse;

   His support & authority will grow thin,

   Son apuy & credit a un coup viendra mince,

   His power will be ended by the shaven heads.

   Conseil mourra pour la teste rasee.

   Quatrain #5-72: After King Henry II died in a jousting match in 1559, the Dominicans of Rome tried to seat the Duke de Guise as legal inheritor of the French throne. But queen Catherine de Medici seated Henry's young son as king Francis II. The Dominicans then hatched an evil plot to end the Valois dynasty. It was decided that two Dominican friars (shaven heads) should be sent to work in the royal kitchens and poison the food fed to the young king. The plot was successful, and Francis died at the tender age of 16. The young king had always limped due to a club foot and was therefore viewed as a sickly child. His death was thus thought to have occurred from natural causes.

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