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Chapter 3

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    Was Nostradamus one of the 500-year Hebrew prophets sent by God to warn His people about future events?  Nostradamus prophecies run from 1555 AD to 2055 AD. and thus voided the foolish "end of the world" hysteria of 1999 and 2012. In some of his quatrains Nostradamus will date the prophecy by using either an actual calendar date or astrological date for the timing of the event. In Chapter 3 he dates the signing of the Treaty of Hamedan in 1727.



   After a combat & naval battle,

   Apres combat & bataille navale,

   The great King of the Sea is suddenly frightened;

   Le grand Neptune a son plus haut befroy;

   The Red adversaries will come to know defeat,

   Rouge adversaire de peu viendra passe,

   They shall put to the great (Mediterranean) Sea in terror.

   Mettant le grand Ocean en teffroy.

   Quatrain #3-1: Nostradamus describes for us the famous naval Battle of Lepanto in 1571.  The Ottoman leader Ali Pasha (King of the Sea) was finally put to flight by the armada of the Catholic League.  The Red (Turkish) fleet had previously enjoyed absolute control over the great Mediterranean for many years.




   An English prince, his passion set on flying,

   Un prince Anglais, Mars a son coeur de ciel,

   Will wish to pursue his good fortune;

   Voudra poursuivre la fortune prospere;

   Of his two rivals, one will pierce him with hatred,

   De deux duelles, l'un percera le fiel,

   Disliked by them, but much loved by the mother.

   Hay de luy, bien aime de sa mere.

   Quatrain #3-16: Britain's Prince William, his younger brother Harry, and their father Prince Charles, have always lived a strained relationship that Nostradamus may be trying to describe here.  The Queen mother however, has formed her own opinions on the individual abilities of her progeny to serve the people.  Queen Elizabeth holds deep respect for the abilities of Prince William, who has his heart set on becoming a pilot in the British air force.  She made those feelings perfectly clear when she decided to grant the young prince an expanded role in controlling certain aspects of the government.




   The Kings & Princes shall dress alike,

   Des Roys & Princes dresseront simulacres,

   Diviners, hollowing out, lifting the intestines;

   Augures, creuz, eslueuz aruspices;

   Of a horned beast of gold & blue shining,

   Corne victime d'oree & d'azur d'acre,

   They shall interpret the entrails.

   Interpretez seront les extipices.

   Quatrain #3-26: Under the liberal pope Gregory XIII (Gregorian Calendar) the Catholic Church fell back into performing ancient pagan rituals such as slaughtering animals and reading (auguring) their entrails.  Many members of the Church became outraged by this return to pagan behavior, and a more conservative pope was elected to fill the vacant papal seat after Gregory's death.  The Byzantine, Pope Sixtus V, swept out the liberals and returned the Church to more strict regimens of behavior.  Sixtus V was the pope that Nostradamus recognized drawing water at a town well.




   In the most remote part of Western Europe,

   Du plus profond de L'Occident d'Europe,

   To poor people, a young child will be born,

   De pauvres gens un jeune enfant naistra,

   Who by his speech will seduce a great many;

   Qui par sa langue seduira grande troupe;

   His fame even to the kingdom of the Orient will increase.

   Son bruit au regne d'Orient plus croistra.

   Quatrain #3-35: Nostradamus describes for us the fated birth of a young child near the banks of the Danube River in the deepest part of Germany.   This young child, named Adolph Hitler, was born with the ability to stir the feelings of the German people with his passionate speeches promising to restore the country of Germany to its former position as the most powerful industrial nation in Europe.  When the Tripartite Treaty was officially signed, the Japanese joined the conflict.




   Before the assault, a speech is given,

   Avant L'assaut, l'oraison prononcee,

   Milan taken by the eagle through deceptive ambush;

   Milan prins d'aigle par embusches deceus;

   The ancient walls knocked down by cannons,

   Muraille antique par canons enfoncee,

   By fire & blood, mercy to few.

   Par feu & sang, a mercy peu receus.

   Quatrain #3-37: Nostradamus often refers to Napoleon as the "Eagle," and the clever general was not about to waste gunpowder and troops on a battle if he didn't have to. Sometimes deception works quite well as a means of conquering an opponent. During the First Coalition Campaign in Italy, Milan is conquered partially by deception and the general meted out punishments upon his enemies in the city, demonstrating his ample skills as the 1st Antichrist.




   When brute power by man is tamed,

   Quand l'animal a l'homme domestique,

   After great pains & efforts it shall carry speech,

   Apres grands peines & sauts viendra parler,

   But lightning in its virgin form will be so dangerous,

   Le fouldre vierge sera si malefique,

   That from the ground it must be isolated & suspended in the air.

   De terre prinse & suspendu en l'air.

   Quatrain #3-44: Nostradamus describes a future where the raw power of electricity will be tamed and used to send conversation over long distances.  The distribution of electricity over live wires will result in the wires having to be suspended high in the air from telephone poles to prevent accidental electrocution of those on the ground.




   The republic of the great city,

   La republique de la grand cite,

   To a great hardship shall not consent,

   A grand rigeur ne voudra consentir,

   The King exits the city with trumpets,

   Roy sortir hors par trompette cite,

   Repenting the ladders on the city walls.

   L'eschelle au mur la cite repentir.

   Quatrain #3-50: In 1588, King Henry III is forced to flee the city of Paris on the "Day of the Barricades".  King Henry however, will eventually devise a plan to end the the tyranny of the armies of the Catholic League.  Henry will have his Catholic rival for the throne of France stabbed to death.  The Church retaliates by sending a friar to murder Henry in revenge.  This historic drama was known as the "War of the Three Henrys".




   In the year when he with one eye shall rule in France,

   En l'an qu'un oeil en France regnera,

   The Court will fall into very grievous trouble,

   La Cour sera a un bien fasheaux trouble,

   The Great One of Blois will murder his friend,

   Le Grand de Bloys son amy tuera,

   The kingdom then placed into jeopardy & double the confusion.

   Le regne mis en mal & doute double.

   Quatrain #3-55: When the French king, Henry II, lost his eye and his life in a jousting match in 1559, the Dominicans tried to place a Catholic Duke on the French throne. When Queen Catherine di Medici successfully placed her son on the throne, the Dominicans hatched a plot to poison Henry's heirs, but the plot was eventually discovered by King Henry III who then lured his rival and former boyhood friend the Duke de Guise to Blois to have him stabbed to death. The pope dispatched a Dominican friar to murder Henry in revenge.




   Seven times the British lineage changes,

   Sept fois changer verrez gent Britannique,

   Bound by blood for 290 years,

   Taintz en sang en deux cents nonante an,

   Unable to free itself from its German ties;

   Franche non point per appuy Germanique;

   But the Ram fears his bastardly roots.

   Aries doubt son pole Bastardien.

   Quatrain #3-57: The thrones of England and Germany were linked by blood for over 290 years. Most people are unaware that the families who occupy royal thrones in Europe are actually all close relatives. If you have ever seen a painting of the Muslim emperor Suleiman the Magnificent you may notice that he looked like he was Irish or English. And Russia's queen Catherine the Great was cousin to the Queen of England. Even the great Mongol leader Genghis Kahn was really Caucasian by blood. On rare occasions a commoner came into possession of a royal throne. And in 1933 the commoner Adolf Hitler, born on April 20, 1889, Aries - the Ram, took over the throne of Germany.




   When the tomb of the great Roman is opened,

   Quand le sepulchre du grand Romain trouve,

   The day after, they shall elect a pope;

   Le jour apres sera esleu Pontif;

   The Senate will not much approve of him,

   Du Senate gueres il ne sera prouve,

   Poisoning his blood in the sacred chalice.

   Empoisonne son sang au sacre scyphe.

   Quatrain #3-65: In this quatrain Nostradamus solves another one of the greatest mysteries in history. In January, 1978 the tomb of the Great Roman "Saint Francis of Assisi" was opened for close examination for a period of exactly two months. The examination was completed on March 4, 1978, and his tomb was again sealed. The "day after," on March 5, 1978, pope John Paul I was elected to office. Certain members of the papal Senate feared this new pope might make changes to the Vatican banking system that would affect the laundering of money by the Mafia. The decision was made to remove this pope by the same method used on many popes of the past (poisoning). Pope John Paul I was made famous in "The Godfather" movie series where his 33-day papacy and death were exposed to public scrutiny.




   When within the (French) nation shall be seen a cripple,

   Quand dans le regne parviendra le boiteux,

   His competitor will be a nearby imposter;

   Competiteur aura proche bastard,

   He & the nation will become so seriously ill,

   Luy & le regne viendront si fort roigneux,

   That before he can recover, it will be too late.

   Qu'ains qu'il guerisse son faict sera bien tard.

   Quatrain #3-73: After King Henry II's unexpected death in 1559 the Dominicans falsely declare the Duke of Guise to be eligible for the throne. But Queen Catherine di Medici is able to place her crippled son on the throne as Francis II and the Duke is appointed to be the young king's advisor. The Dominicans then form a plot to send two friars from Italy to work in the royal kitchens and poison the glaze used to coat the king's meat. The plot proves to be succeessful and the young king Francis will die at the tender age of 16. Since Francis II had a club foot, and was viewed to be a sickly child, no one suspected the king had been poisoned.




   The third portion (of the sky) under Aries influence,

   La tiers climat soubz Aries comprins,

   In the year 1727, in October,

   L'ans mil sept cens vingt & sept in Octobre,

   The King of Persia by Egypt is controlled,

   La Roy de Perse par ceux d'Egypt prins,

   Conflict, death, loss, and to the cross great shame.

   Conflit, mort, perte, and la croix grand opprobre.

   Quatrain #3-77: In the early 1700's, the monarchy of Persia (Iran) fell under Ottoman rule and was controlled from Egypt.  So-called "Christians" began exploiting the Persian economy and shamefully operating beer halls and brothels in Iran's capital city of Isfahan.  But in October of 1727, an army of Islamic fundamentalists from northern Iran and Afghanistan successfully defeated the Ottomans, and forced them to sign the Treaty of Hamedan, driving out all foreigners.




   The French fleet does not approach Corsica,

   Classe Gauloise n'approche Corseigne,

   Lest the Sardinians should catch them unaware;

   Moins de Sardaigne tu t'en repentiras,

   Everyone frustrates death with the aid of a disappointment,

   Trestous mourrez frustrez de l'aide grogne,

   Blood flows, I can't believe they weren't captured.

   Sang nagera, captif ne me croiras.

   Quatrain #3-87: On February 22, 1793, the French fleet avoids being detected by spies on the island of Corsica, and attacks the fortress at Maddelena.  A brilliant young artillery officer named Napoleon Bonapart stages an attack and disarms the town of Maddelena.  But reinforcements under the Corsican commander Pauli do not show up as planned to secure the town, and so Napoleon is forced to scuttle his cannon and make a narrow escape utilizing some captured Sardinian boats.




   For 500 more years they shall hold him in esteem,

   De cing cens ans plus compte lon tiendra,

   This one who shone as the ornament of his time;

   Celuy qu'estoit l'ornement de son temps,

   Then a single great burst of enlightenment will occur,

   Puis a un coup grand clarte donra,

   Which at that time, will render (to me) great contentment.

   Quiu par ce seicle les rendra tres contens.

   Quatrain #3-94: The arrival of the Hebrew prophets has always occurred on 500 year intervals.  Nostradamus laments that it will unfortunately be another 500 years before the final enlightenment will occur.  It will be too late however, for his quatrains to help those who failed to heed his warnings.  Only he can rejoice in the recognition that will come his way in the Last Days.




   New laws will overtake the newly occupied land

   Nouvelle loi terre neufve occuper

   Around Syria, Judea & Palestine,

   Vers la Syrie, Judee & Palestine,

   The great empire corrupted by barbarians;

   Le grand empire barbare cureur;

   This is before the Moon ends her cycle.

  Avant que Phebes son siecle determine.

   Quatrain #3-97: In the 1880's (the Roussat Moon Cycle 1535-1888) new religious laws will be celebrated in the Holy Land as Russian Jews arrive in the Middle East. The Tsar of Russia has enacted new anti-semitic laws and the Jewish community has begun to emigrate to Syria, Judea, and Palestine. Jewish farming communes are set up in the desert financed with money provided by the Rothschild (Bauer) family of Europe.

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