Nostradamus and Covid 19

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"What goes around, comes around."

   In the quatrain below Nostradamus warned us about a coming worldwide pandemic that would attack Christian nations. He used an astrological date to tell us when this plague would arrive, and named the first two Christian nations it would strike. Since Covid-19 virus is zoonotic (animal-based), the next question is what unsanitary conditions suddenly appeared in Wuhan, China that sickened the original host animal for this virus, and how did this virus spread into the human population. With the quatrain below Nostradamus was the first person to warn us about this coming worldwide epidemic. A link is included to an Old French dictionary, just in case you'd like to check the Old French word meanings:



The tranquility is destined for a great disruption,

Le parc enclin grande calamite,

It will be for Americans & Lombardians;

Par l'Hesperie & Insubre fera;

Pain, and for the religious, plague & confinement,

Le feu en nef peste & captivite,

When Mercury shall be diminished by the Rings of Saturn.

Mercure en l'Arc Saturne fenera.




   In Quatrain #2-65 Nostradamus informs us that Americans, and the people of Lombardy, Italy, will experience a plague and confinement when the planets Mercury and Saturn move into conjunction in the night sky. This conjunction occurred on January 11, 2020, the exact date when Covid-19 claimed its first victim in Wuhan, China and created a panic in the medical community. Nostradamus provides us with the exact date when this event will begin and also accurately describes the two Christian societies (the United States and northern Italy) that would suffer the first Covid-19 attacks. As usual, Nostradamus got every detail correct.


   Since nearly all PPE masks and gloves are now manufactured in China, when Covid-19 struck in Wuhan, China, the Chinese quickly diverted all supplies of surgical masks and gloves to their own use, and so had sufficient supplies of Personal Protective Equipment with which to quickly contain their pandemic. But with all the masks and gloves confiscated by the Chinese, there were no masks or gloves available for Americans when Covid-19 finally came to our nation.

   And since the Covid-19 virus was zoonotic (of animal origin), we must also ask what unsanitary conditions suddenly appeared in Wuhan, China that sickened the original host animal for this terrible virus. Well it turns out that Wuhan, China gained fame as the site of the world's largest electric power dam. The Three Gorges Dam was needed to supply electricity to all those factories Bill Clinton sent to China in the 1990s. Environmentalists in China feared the reservoir above the dam would quickly become polluted by human and industrial wastes from sources upstream. The Three Gorges Dam was constructed on the third most polluted river in the world and quickly created the largest environmental catastrophe in China's history. Unsanitary conditions caused by this new dam on the Yangtze river apparently caused a disease to develop in a still unidentified animal species that was passed to humans through meat sold in China's outdoor food markets.

   In 1992, businessman and presidential candidate Ross Perot tried to warn Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush about the dangers of sending America's jobs to other nations. Americans are now enjoying a much better lifestyle on the backs of foreign laborers who slave away in unsafe conditions in many sweatshops in Mexico and China, much like the plantation owners of the Old South lived high on the backs of black slaves laboring in their cotton fields. But modern slavery is out of sight, and therefore out of mind, and not a concern for most Americans who enjoy its benefits. The bankers and financiers of New York, who made so much money on NAFTA and the WTO, never thought they'd suffer any consequences for the transfer of America's manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China, but it may be that Mr. Ross Perot's Giant Sucking Sound did finally return to seek its vengeance upon us.

   History records many incidents where man made disturbances in the balance of nature have returned to wreak havoc upon human society. If you want to learn more about all the other events in human history that were created by man's ignorance of the laws of nature, just click the secure link below to order a book by Edward Oliver:







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