Nostradamus Quatrains Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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    Nostradamus knew there would be people who would misinterpret his prophecies for their own personal gain, and he therefore deliberately disguised the quatrains to prevent wicked people from successfully interpreting the quatrains before their time. In this chapter he includes an extra quatrain at the very end to scoff at all the "inept critics" who would deliberately mistranslate his prophecies to profit on them.



   In the year 1580 more or less,

   En l'an cens octant plus & moins,

   There will occur a cycle very strange;

   On attendra le seicle bien estrange;

   In the year 1703 the heavens shall witness,

   En l'an sept cens & trois cieux en tesmoings,

   That through multiple reigns, there will be five changes.

   Que plusiers regnes un a cinq feront change.

   Quatrain #6-2: From 1580 to 1703 the royalty sitting upon Europe's royal thrones heavily intermarried, and therefore shared a claim to the rulership of the Catholic Church.  The position of "Holy Roman Emperor" was in dispute, and much confusion ensued.  Italy, Spain, Holland, and Austria, had always been closely allied, but in 1580 King Philip II of Spain combined his throne with Portugal, and lost Holland to the Protestants.  The inheritance of the position of Holy Roman Emperor was not again resolved until 1703 when the Hapsburg family of Austria reclaimed the throne by declaring Joseph I as emperor of the realm.  During this period the throne had indeed changed five times.




   The source that baptised the newborn celt,

   Fleuve qu'esprouve le nouveau nay Celtique,

   Will cause great discord in the empire;

   Sera en grand de l'empire discorde;

   The young prince, through men of the church,

   Le jeune prince par gent ecclesiastique,

   Will expell laws (previously) supported by the crown.

   Ostera le sceptre coronel de concorde.

   Quatrain #6-3: The young and angry King Louis XIII hates his mother the regent queen, Marie de Medici, and is constantly under the influence of his Catholic advisors who use him to make decrees against the Protestants of Europe.  Many of Louis' decrees violate long standing French laws, and the young king will be recorded in history as one of the worse kings ever to govern France.




   So great a famine due to uncontrollable weather,

   Si grand famine par unde pestifere,

   Through incessant rain from an expanding arctic pole;

   Par pluie longue le long du polle arctique;

   Spreading over a hundred places in the (northern) hemisphere,

   Samarobryn cent lieuz de l'hemispere,

   When they shall live without laws or government.

   Vivront sans loy exempt de politique.

   Quatrain #6-5: It was known as "The Year Without a Summer" and was the most unusual weather occurrence ever recorded in history.  From 1815 to 1816 the explosion of Mt. Tambora in the Dutch East Indies produced a cloud of volcanic ash that spread over the northern hemisphere of the globe causing winter like conditions in France.  Food crops failed, causing widespread famine and food riots in France.  The French government suffered a breakdown during the crisis, and Napoleon's army was severely weakened due to a lack of food.




   The seven branches to three will be reduced,

   Des sept rameaux a trois seront reduicts,

   The more elder will be surprised by death;

   Les plus aisnez seront surprins par mort;

   A religious assassin shall deceive the two,

   Fratricider les deux seront seduicts,

   The entreated, while sleeping, will die.

   Les conjurez en dormans seront morts.

   Quatrain #6-11: In this quatrain the prophet Nostradamus solves one of the greatest mysteries in French history.  Specifically, why did the two sons of Henry II die so young on the throne?  Nostradamus here reveals that two Dominican assassins were sent by the papacy to poison the food of Henry's heirs.  The plot was not discovered until Henry III was told by the kitchen washboy that his food was being poisoned.  Catherine de Medici tried to protect her sons from the Catholics, but all her children were victims of these despicable fates.




   The decision of the nation is to devalue the currency

   D'esprit de regne munismes descriees,

   And the people shall rise up against their King;

   Et seront peuples esmeuz contre leur Roy;

   The peace, new rules, holy authority, deteriorating,

   Paix, faict nouveaux, sainctes loix, empirees,

   Paris shall never again be in such harsh disorder.

   Rapis onc fut en si tres dur arroi.

   Quatrain #6-23: This quatrain describes the economic situation that immediately preceeded the French Revolution. It's always money that is the final determining factor in revolution. The nation of France had fallen into debt funding its wars. The king was unsuccessful in trying to raise taxes and as always the demands of liberals resulted in anarchy in the streets of Paris.




   Through rebellion they shall go against the monarchy,

   Par Mars contraire sera la monarchie,

   With great tribulation and ruinous trouble;

   Du grand pescheur en trouble ruineux;

   Young evil socialists will take over the leadership,

   Jeune noir rouge prendra le hierarchie,

   The traitors shall rage through brutal times.

   Les proditeurs iront jour bruineux.

   Quatrain #6-25: Poor economic conditions in France during the late 1700s gave rise to social unrest and assisted in the rise of socialism. The resulting anarchy in the streets gave rise to a desire to overthrow the monarchy and institute a socialist regime, but as usual, socialism led to a takeover by a military form of government under Napoleon Buonaparte, who led the French into a new and godless society that he promised would lead to a better world for France and all mankind. The liberal dreams of Napoleon's supporters however led only to death and destruction for France.




   The great Frenchman will enter into Rome,

   Le grand Celtique entrera dedans Roma,

   They will lead a great number of exiles & refugees;

   Menant amas d'exilez & bannis;

   The great pope will mourn all the dead,

   Le grand pasteur mettra a mort tout homme,

   Who for the cock showed up united in the Alps.

   Qui pour le coq estoient aux Alpes unite.

   Quatrain #6-28: The Austrian army under Francis II protected Rome from its enemies. Before Napoleon could invade Rome he had to first defeat the Austrians. He finally accomplished this task at the battle of Lodi and then sent General Berthier to take Rome. Pope Pius VI prayed over the bodies of dead soldiers who had given their lives to protect Rome. General Berthier placed the pope under arrest and took him captive.




   The second in charge of the nation of Denmark,

   Le second chef du regne Dannemarc,

   Together with those of Holland & the British Isles,

   Par ceux de Frise & L'isle Britannique,

   Will squander more than 100 thousand marks,

   Fera despendre plus de cent mille marc,

   On a vain exploratory voyage into Italy.

   Vain exploicter voyage en Italique.

   Quatrain #6-41: The Prince of Denmark, along with representatives from Holland and England, undertook an exploratory trip to the Vatican to visit with the Pope. The trip was to discuss mending relations between Protestants and Catholics. The trip was to prove fruitless however, as Pope Sixtus V was a firm Catholic and not willing to grant any concessions to Protestants.




   The great Celtic Bishop by the King is held suspect,

   Le grand Prelat Celtique a Roy suspect,

   At night by swift passage he shall exit the realm;

   Ce nuict par cours sortira hors du regne;

   By a duke loyal to his great French king,

   Par duc fertile a son grand Roy Bretaigne,

   From Byzantium to Cyprus & Tunis taken undercover.

   Bisance a Cyprus & Tunes insuspect.

   Quatrain #6-53: In 1605, Saint Vincent de Paul was kidnapped on the high seas by Barbary pirates and taken off to be sold into slavery at the slave market in Tunis. In this quatrain, Nostradamus tells us that this incident was no accident, but was actually arranged. The great Celtic Bishop was held in captivity for two years before converting his captors to Christianity and being freed from his servitude.




   At the break of day, on the second crowing of the cock,

   Au poinct du jour au second chant du coq,

   Those of Tunis, Turkey & the Barbary Coast,

   Ceult de Tunis, de Fez & de Bugie,

   By Arabs are held captive to the king of Morocco,

   Par les Arabes captif le roi Morocco,

   But in the year 1607, a Liturgy.

   L'an mil six cens & sept, de Liturgie.

   Quatrain #6-54: In 1607, Saint Vincent de Paul successfully converts his heathen master to the Christian Liturgy. He and his Muslim master, along with all the other slaves, are able to escape the Barbary Coast and flee from Africa to the safety of Europe.




   The feared army of the enemy of Narbonne,

   La crainte armee de l'ennemi Narbon,

   Will so greatly frighten the Dutch,

   Effrayera si fort les Hesperiques,

   That they will erect wide ramparts to protect Bonn;

   Parpignan vuide par L'aveugle d'Arbon,

   Then Barcelona by sea will send its pikemen.

   Lors Barcelon par mer donra les piques.

   Quatrain #6-56 Nostradamus tells us about the efforts of the Catholic King, Philip II who is afraid of losing Holland to the Protestants. He sends his pikemen by sea into the Harbor in Holland to forcibly keep his source of tax revenues. The wealthy Jews of the Dutch East India Company don't care if the Protestants rule over them, or the Catholics. But King Philip of Spain does care about holding onto his sources of revenue. This attempt by Spain to retain control of Holland however, will eventually fail.




   The lady alone remains to rule the nation,

   La dame seule au regne dominee,

   A uniquely experienced leader in a seat of honor;

   L'unic estaint premier au lict d'honneur;

   For seven years she will work through her anguish,

   Sept ans sera de douleur exploree,

   Then living long enough to see her nation's greatest hour.

   Puis longue vie au regne par grand heur.

   Quatrain #6-63: During her long reign as queen of France, Catherine de Medici was forced to endure the death of her husband and the successive assassinations of her sons by agents of the Catholic Church, as Rome tried to seize control of the monarchy of France. For many years she acted as the chief leader of France through all the turmoil surrounding the French monarchy.




   The one chased away will return to his realm,

   La dechassee au regne tournera,

   His enemies are found to be conspirators;

   Ses ennemis trouvez de conjurez;

   More than ever a time when he will triumph,

   Plus que jamais temps triomphera,

   The death of seventy-three is absolutely certain.

   Trois a septante a mort trop asseures.

   Quatrain #6-74: During the religious strife of the 1500's in Europe, the Catholic Duke de Guise will drive King Henry III out of Paris. When Henry returns however, he'll order the death of all those who conspired against him, including the Duke of Guise and his brother Louis, Cardinal of France.




   Those of the Crippled One who reigns but briefly,

   Celui qu'en Sparte Claude ne peut regner,

   Shall rule in such a seductive manner,

   Il fera tant par voye seductive,

   That after a while the Court will weave,

   Que du court le fera araigner,

   A view opposite that of the King.

   Que contre Roy sera sa perspective.

   Quatrain #6-84: After the untimely death of Henry II in a jousting match, his young son Francis II, who was born with a club foot, was quickly installed on the French throne. The Catholic de Guise brothers were appointed by the Vatican to be advisors to the young king thereby influencing all his decisions and advancing the position of the Catholic Church in France. The king's Courtiers saw what was going on and soon began to voice their opposition to many of the young king's decrees.






   Let he who reads this consider carefully,

   Quos legent hosce versus mature censunto,

   Evil doers & idiots be not interested;

   Profanum vulgus & inscium ne attrectato;

   Seers, Flawed Astrologers, Barbarians stay away,

   Omnesq, Astrologi Blemee, Barbari procul sunto,

   He who does otherwise must be priest to the rite.

   Qui aliter facit, is rite sacer esto.

   Quatrain #6-101: This is Nostradamus' warning to all the inept idiots who will attempt to interpret his prophecies before their time.  Over the centuries there has been no shortage of educated idiots who claimed to understand the prophetic warnings contained within the Centuries.  For many years these inept idiots have only served to discredit Nostradamus, when their predictions failed to come true.

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