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Nostradamus and
Pope John Paul I

    Nostradamus has solved many historical mysteries for us with his quatrains. Quatrain #3-65 answers one of the most interesting conspiracy plots of modern times. The famous "Godfather" movie trilogy hinted about the murder of a pope who was perceived to be a threat to Mafia control of the Vatican Bank. It was always thought that the death of Pope John Paul I might have been a conspiracy due to the fact that his death occurred only 33 days into his papacy. In this quatrain Nostradamus is very specific in his reference to the papacy of Pope John Paul I in that he gives us the exact date for his election to office.



   When the tomb of the great Roman is opened,

   Quand sepulchre du grand Romain trouve,

   The day after, they shall elect a pope;

   Le jour apres sera esleu Pontif;

   The Senate will scarcely approve of him,

   Du Senate guieres il ne sera prouve,

   Poisoning his blood in the sacred chalice.

   Empoisonne son sang au sacre syphe.




    On January 4, 1978, permission was given for the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi (the great Roman) to be opened and examined. When the examination was finished on March 4th, 1978, the tomb was closed and resealed. The following day, March 5th, 1978, a new pope was elected. That pope was none other than Pope John Paul I. Pope John Paul I was perceived by Vatican bankers to be a threat to their lucrative dealings with the Mafia. Thus when he passed away only 33 days into his papacy, his death spawned many conspiracy theories. In this quatrain Nostradamus settles the issue of his true fate.

   So far, modern scientists have been unable to explain how Nostradamus was able to accomplish this amazing feat of prophecy over 400 years before the actual event took place. If you would like to learn more about how the Nostradamus quatrains have settled these many questions that have stumped historians for decades, click the link below to order your book by Edward Oliver.






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