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Why Is This The Best
Prophecy Website?

   Remember when all those websites were predicting the end of the world in 2012?  Why are you still visiting them?  This website was NOT predicting the end of the world in 2012, because Nostradamus prophecies run from 1555 AD to 2055 AD!  Every year since 2006 this website has maintained a 100% accurate record on predicting major events BEFORE they occurred.  All these events were recorded in prophecy long before they took place:


  1. In 2006 this website first warned the world about a coming GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECESSION, over a year before it began!


  2. In 2007 this website presented the book "PROPHETS AND FRAUDS" that linked the 3rd Fatima Secret to the Malachy prophecy.


  3. In 2008 this website exposed an attempt by scientists to hide the biblically TRUE NUMBER OF PLANETS in our solar system.


  4. In 2009 this website announced in advance that Mexican pyramids weren't built by MAYANS, and the world would not end in 2012.


  5. In 2010 this website warned the world that the next pope would be the LAST POPE mentioned in the Saint Malachy prophecy.


  6. In 2011 this website warned you about the dangerous amount of power global CORPORATIONS were now wielding over your life.


  7. In 2012 this website warned that removing Middle East dictators would result in the resurrection of the MUSLIM (Ottoman) empire.


  8. In 2013 this website predicted a LATIN AMERICAN pope would be seated in the Vatican, over a month before the papal election.


  9. In 2014 this website warned of the resurrection of an ISLAMIC ARMY, over 4 months before ISIS officially declared itself on 6-29-14.


  10. In 2015 this website warned you about new privacy-invading WRISTWATCHES that would be used to monitor people in the future.


  11. In 2016 this website officially linked the Nostradamus, Fatima, and Malachy prophecies on the FATE OF ROME and its papacy.


   Most people are unaware that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was accurately predicted and documented in a nationally syndicated publication over seven years before it happened.  If you would like to read more about how prophecy has always accurately documented the course of modern events before they occurred, please click on the link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book "Prophets and Frauds."


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