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   Do you remember all those famous TV prophecy specials such as the 1994 "Ancient Prophecies" 90-minute special that was hosted by David McCallum and featured the opinions of numerous Nostradamus "authorities" whose predictions all failed to come true? So why are you still listening to them? Nostradamus prophecy covers the period from 1555 to 2055, so the world couldn't possibly have ended in 2000 or 2012! Every year since 2006, this website has accurately predicted future events well BEFORE they occurred, and all the predictions have been 100% accurate because the prophets who made them have always been 100% accurate:


  1. In 2006 this website predicted an upcoming worldwide economic recession (depression) over a year BEFORE it began!


  2. In 2007 this website presented evidence to demonstrate that "Global Warming" is just a normal Earthly cycle.


  3. In 2008 this website exposed an attempt by world scientists to hide the true number of planets in our solar system.


  4. In 2009 this website announced that Mexico's pyramids were NOT built by Mayans, and that the world would not end in 2012.


  5. In 2010 this website warned that the Vatican's next pope was the LAST POPE pope mentioned in the St. Malachy prophecy.


  6. In 2011 this website warned you about the dangerous amount of power global corporations were now wielding over your life.


  7. In 2012 this website warned that the removal of Middle East dictators would help resurrect the ancient Ottoman (Islamic) empire.


  8. In 2013 this website predicted a Latin American pope would be elected to the papacy, over a month BEFORE he was elected.


  9. In 2014 this website warned of the resurrection of an Islamic army (ISIS) over 4 months BEFORE it officially declared itself on 6-29-14.


  10. In 2015 this website warned that privacy-invading wristwatches would be used in the future to monitor human activities.


  11. In 2016 this website published a Nostradamus prophecy that, like the Malachy prophecy, also predicts the ruin of Rome.


  12. In 2017 this website stated that the Malachy, Third Fatima, and Nostradamus (Q.#10-65) prophecies all describe the same event.


   Many people do not know that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was actually predicted and documented in a nationally syndicated publication over seven yrs before it occurred. That's right, the Kennedy assassination was accurately predicted by one of the most popular prophets of the 20th century, many years before it happened.

   It is an unfortunately fact that most sources of Nostradamus prophecies deliberately falsified his prophecies to coincide with modern day events to advance the popularity of their books. When these prophecies failed to come true it was Nostradamus who was blamed for their errors. The flaws of human nature will invariably cause people of poor judgement to continue to purchase these books and magazines that tell them what they want to hear. The Great Deceiver is always ready to tickle your ears with lies you want to hear. If you would like to learn more about how the Hebrew prophets have always accurately predicted the course of human events well before they occurred, click on the link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."


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