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Nostradamus May Earthquake

   On May 11th, 2011, Nostradamus Quatrain #9-83 actually did come true. This Nostradamus prophecy predicted a major earthquake was going to occur in exactly 20 degrees of Taurus. Those who know astrology will tell you that 20 degrees of Taurus occurs every year on May 10th in the U.S. and May 11th in the Eastern world. Nostradamus was therefore predicting a major (deadly) earthquake would occur on one of these two dates somewhere on the globe. This quatrain was published in the following form in numerous Nostradamus books prior to 2011:


  The sun being in 20 degrees of Taurus, the earth shall so greatly shake,

  That the great theatre, filled up, will be ruined;

  The air, heavens and earth dark & troubled,

  When the infidels shall call upon God and the saints.


   Nostradamus was telling us that the following criteria were necessary for the fulfillment of this prophecy:


  1. - A major (killing) earthquake must occur.

  2. - The earthquake must damage a "great theater" (Great Roman Amphitheater).

  3. - The sun must be in 20 degrees of Taurus.

  4. - Since all Roman amphitheaters are located in the Mediterranean area, the earthquake must occur on May 11th (not May 10th).

  5. - Infidels (Muslims) will pray to Christian saints (VERY STRANGE for Muslims to pray to Christian saints!)


   A revised and corrected translation of the prophecy reads as follows:


     NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAIN #9 - 83 (corrected version)

  The sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, so strong the earth trembles,

  Sol vingt de taurus, si fort de terre trembler,

  That the great theater, repleted, will be ruined;

  Le grand theatre rempli ruinera;

  The air, sky & land, are dark & troubled,

  L'air, ceil & terre obscurcir & troubler,

  Then the infidel (muslim) will pray to God & the saints.

  Lors l'infidelle Dieu & sainctz voguera.




   Prior to the year 2011 there had never been a major (killing) earthquake recorded on May 10th or May 11th. But believe it or not, on Wednesday May 11th (May 10th in the U.S.) 2011, a major earthquake did occur near the Mediterranean coast of Spain at exactly 20 degrees of Taurus. Spain's 5.1 earthquake left 9 people dead and 250 injured, in the worst earthquake to be recorded in 50 years. The earthquake shook the three towns of Lorca, Cartagena, and Aguilas. The town of Lorca, located on a mountainside, suffered the most damage.

   The town of Cartegena contained a recently restored (repleted) ancient Roman amphitheater that was damaged by the quake. In the last line of the prophecy, it mentions that Infidels (Islamics) will pray to Christian saints, and it turns out that these three towns are populated by the formerly Muslim Moors who were converted by the Catholic Church to Christianity and now pray to "God and the saints".

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