The Battle of Trenton

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How Christmas Won the War


   Is Christmas a Christian holiday? Christmas was not celebrated by early Americans because it was a heathen holiday celebrated by Catholics in Europe who worshipped fir trees (Jeremiah 10) because they defied winter death by keeping their leaves all winter long. But if not for the celebration of one Christmas holiday, the United States of America might not even exist today. By the winter of 1776, America's Christians had given up all hope for the success of their war against the British. America's general George Washington had lost battle after battle to the British, and with inexperienced troops and supplies running out, it was now only a matter of time until Washington would be forced to surrender.

   When winter finally arrived, General Washington and his tattered army retreated to the safety of the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River. His men were not equipped to deal with the winter cold, and there were less than 400 troops remaining from his original army of 20,000. It was now increasingly clear that the American Revolution was destined for failure. Washington asked for help from Congress, but Congress was now in complete disarray and not able to provide any support for Washington. General Washington was now backed into a corner with no way out and in desperate need of a miracle to save him. But on Christmas Day, 1776, a miracle occurred that would turn the tide of the war and change history.

   Learn the true story about how this Christmas miracle altered the entire course of the American Revolution. Click on the secure book link below and order a book by Edward Oliver, to learn the true story of how Christmas saved the American Revolution.






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