The First Thansgiving

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The First Thanksgiving


   The Plymouth Colony of Massachusetts was the first successful European settlement on the North American continent. But how were the Pilgrim colonists able to establish the first successful colony in North America when everyone else failed? What was so special about these brave Christian Separatists who crossed the Atlantic ocean, on one of the most difficult journeys recorded in the journals of American history?

   In 1620, this small group of 102 Pilgrims set sail from England for the New World intending to establish a new Christian colony in the unexplored wilderness of North America. The Pilgrim colonists arrived in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts in November of 1620 and after a brief but hostile encounter with local natives, finally established their settlement in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the third week of December.

   The Pilgrim's first winter in the New World proved to be a terrible ordeal for them, as they lost nearly half their number to disease and starvation during the first winter in their new home. But by following a policy of Christian charity toward the native tribes in the area they were able to establish the first successful colony of Europeans in North America. Their first fall food harvest in the New World was a plentiful one and thus it was celebrated as America's first Christian holiday. The Pilgrims and hundreds of local native Americans attended the celebration of what would become a truly American holiday.

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