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Saint Malachy on
the Fate of the Pope

   When Francis I became pope in 2013, the ancient prophecy of Saint Malachy on Rome's destruction was a subject of great interest on the Internet. It was predicted that the pope elected after Benedict XVI, would see the destruction of Rome.


   The Saint Malachy prophecy was published in 1143 AD by the Irish Archbishop, Malachy O'Morgair, who recorded the Prophecy of the Popes, a list of 112 future popes who would occupy the papacy from the papacy of Celestine II, to the final papacy of "Petrus Romanus," the pope who would witness the destruction of Rome. According to prophecy followers Pope Francis I is "Pietro of Romano" or "Petrus Romanus," the last pope on Saint Malachy's list. When pope Francis I was first elected to the papacy, he chose to be called after St. Francis "de Pietro" of Assisi and it was later determined that the pope's family originally came out of the small town of "Romano" in northern Italy.




    "During a final persecution of the
Roman Church sits Petrus Romanus
(ITAL: Pietro de Romano), who will
feed his flock through many
tribulations. This accomplished,
the seven-hilled city (Rome) will
be destroyed, and the Dreadful
Judge will judge His people."


                   Saint Malachy



   These prophecies are also supported by the Third Secret of Fatima that further describes the event in great detail. The Third Secret of Fatima also states that the pope will be executed by soldiers who have apparently invaded the holy city. The Ottoman Empire was the most recent enemy of Rome, but the Ottomans haven't existed for many years but recent U.S. efforts to remove dictators in the Middle East however, created a political void that may only be filled by a Muslim Iyatolah who'll once again be able to attack Christianity.

   The Catholic Church is now undergoing many tribulations. It has been suffering due to a record of sexual abuse by priests, bishops and even cardinals. It is also being bombarded by liberal demands from its parishoners including homosexual marriage, women in the priesthood, and a host of our doctrinal changes. The Orthodox Eastern Church has refused to condemn Russia's attack against the liberal socialists of Ukraine, in defiance of the pope's wishes, and the Vatican has been forced into a defensive mode on many issues. So why isn't the church increasing its security force within the Vatican to deal with this possible threat? And why is the church ignoring its own prophecy? If you'd like to learn more about how Hebrew prophecies may affect your future, click on the secure link below to order your book by Edward Oliver.






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