Covid 19


What Caused Covid-19?

What they don't want you to know.


   In 1333 A.D. a plague suddenly appeared along the Yantze river in northern China that was destined to travel along trade routes to Europe where it would claim nearly two thirds of the population of Europe. The "rat" plague was born in the unsanitary cities of China where rats were allowed to overpopulate. Oddly enough our Covid-19 pandemic began in the exact same spot in China and travelled along established trade corridors to America where it would claim over a million lives. Both pandemics arose from unsanitary conditions created in the animal world. Our 2019 Covid pandemic was one more case of a deadly disease created through man's ignorance of the laws of nature. In the 1300s, unsanitary conditions in European cities caused rats to overpopulate, and nature quickly responded with a plague to kill off excess rat numbers, but unfortunately the fleas spreading the plague among the rats, were also spreading the plague to humans as well.

   When Covid-19 struck in Wuhan, China, the Chinese government confiscated all the masks and gloves China was manufacturing for use in America. Unfortunately, with all the masks and gloves confiscated for use in China, when Covid arrived in the U.S.A., there weren't enough masks and gloves left to adequately deal with the Covid-19 epidemic in America.

   Since this modern Covid-19 plague was zoonotic (of animal origin) we must ask what unsanitary conditions were suddenly created in Wuhan, China that sickened the original host animal for this terrible disease. Well it seems Wuhan, China is the site of the world's largest electric power dam. The Three Gorges Dam was needed to supply electric power for the many U.S. factories President Clinton allowed to be sent over to China in 1995 (WTO). Environmentalists in China feared the reservoir above the dam would become heavily polluted by human and industrial wastes flowing from sources upstream. The Three Gorges Dam was built on the third most polluted river in the world and caused the largest environmental catastrophe in China's history. Human sewage flowing into the lake above the Three Gorges Dam quickly turned the lake into an open sewer, causing a deadly infection to develop in a still unidentified host animal, that was passed on to its human host through meat sold in China's outdoor food markets.


   "and when you are gathered together within your cities, I will send the pestilence among you."
                      Lev. 26:25 KJV


   As American activists protest against the memory of slavery in America, they currently enjoy a much better lifestyle supported by the slavery of millions of foreign workers in the sweatshops of Mexico and China. American citizens have now become the newest "plantation masters" of the world, as they ignore the slavery that is now out of sight, and therefore out of mind. It may be wise however, to remember that the plantation masters of the Old South paid a terrible price for living high on the slavery of Africans. The New York City bankers and financiers who encouraged President Clinton to send America's jobs to China never thought their profitable plan would come back to bite them, but 25 years later, as they played golf in their retirement communities, the Angel of Death came knocking at their door. Human history documents many cases where deadly diseases were created through man's ignorance of the laws of nature.

   If you'd like to learn about the many times in the past when world pandemics were created through mankind's ignorance of natural law, click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver.







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