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An asteroid strike cannot be prevented!


   Could our planet someday be struck by a large and destructive asteroid? We all know about the theory that a large 8-mile wide asteroid once struck Earth 65 million years ago and caused the demise of the dinosaurs. But could such a thing ever happen again? Well, on June 15, 2002, an Apollo-sized asteroid actually passed between the Earth and the Moon and wasn't seen until it had already gone past us. That's right, no one ever saw it coming! If this huge asteroid had struck our planet, it would have produced an explosion over 100 times larger than the explosion that leveled Hiroshima.

   In 1932, 1936, and 1937, three truly huge asteroids named Apollo, Adonis, and Hermes, all passed within 500,000 miles of the Earth. If one of these giant space rocks had struck us, the massive explosion would have blotted out the sunlight and might have marked the end of civilization as we know it. Astronomers in the 1930's however were able to spot these asteroids long before they got near us. So why weren't our modern astronomers able to sight that 2002 asteroid before it approached Earth? What gives?

   Will an asteroid one day cause the end of the world? Many movie and video productions have suggested that possibility. Are astronomers monitoring these dangerous asteroids and keeping us safe from such a frightening scenario? Well, you may be surprised to learn that they aren't. Many asteroids still approach the Earth every day that have not been tracked by astronomers. If you want to know more about all these asteroids that are not being tracked by Earth's astronomers, click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to order a book by Edward Oliver, and help awaken the public to the wonders and dangers of God's universe.






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