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The Threes

   When interpretating prophecy, numbers must be treated as signposts that must be read and followed in order to successfully arrive at your final destination.  No prophecy can be successfully interpreted untless every signpost has been read and followed, just as it is impossible for you to reach your destination on the highway if you have missed an exit sign.  Numbers therefore are an important tool in the successful interpretation of prophecy.

   A rather strange phenomenon that has been recorded all throughout human history is the occurrence of major prophetic events on years of "The Threes".  The years 1111, 1222, 1333, 1444, 1555, 1666, 1777, 1888 and 1999 all marked the occurrence of major prophetic events that altered the course of human history.  And it was no accident that all these events occurred on years of "The Threes."

   In 1333 in a small village on the Volga River in northern China, a deadly plague broke out that was destined to spread across the continents of Asia and Europe, killing nearly 70 % of the citizens in most major cities.  This plague was so deadly that it killed its victims within a few hours after the onset of symptoms.

   In 1666, the Great Fire of London started on a Sunday in a small bakery shop near London Bridge and rapidly spread throughout the old walled city.  The fire burned on for over four days, and ended up destroying approximately 80% of Old London.

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