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The Cycle of the Presidents

   Did you know that the U.S. Presidency is the subject of a prophetic cycle? Did you also know that the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations are connected? Did you know that the Kennedys' maid was named Mrs. Lincoln, and that the Lincolns' maid was named Mrs. Kennedy? Did you know that Lincoln was killed in Ford's theatre and Kennedy was killed in a Ford automobile, model Lincoln? Did you know that their Vice Presidents were both southern senators named Johnson? Most people aren't aware that the assassinations of both Kennedy and Lincoln are only a small part of a much larger set of very strange coincidences surrounding the U.S. Presidency. Let's take a look at the historical evidence:

In 1840 William Harrison was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1880, John Garfield was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1900, William McKinley was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1920, Warren Harding was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was elected President & he died in office.

   Are you beginning to notice a pattern here? U.S. historians also noticed this strange 20-year pattern of destiny that seemed to be haunting the fate of America's presidents. It was therefore with great interest that they witnessed the election of JFK in 1960. Historians noted that President Kennedy seemed much too young to die of natural causes, and so it was feared he might fall victim to a presidential assassination. These same historians however were not aware that on May 13, 1956 the following prediction was printed in the "Parade Magazine" supplement to America's Sunday newspapers. In 1956, the well known Washington DC prophet, Jeane Dixon, was interviewed about her predictions for the next presidential election cycle of 1960. Jeane Dixon provided the reporter with the following answer, "As far as the 1960 election is concerned Mrs. Dixon thinks it will be dominated by Labor and won by a Democrat, but he will be assassinated or die in office."

   Seven years later, on November 22, 1963, the contemporary prophet Jeanne Dixon's incredibly accurate prediction came true exactly as prophesied. Many people were also unaware that a larger 480-year astrological cycle called The Cycle of the Elements, was also controlling the fate of America's presidents. This cycle when combined with the earlier 20-year Jupiter/Saturn planetary conjunction cycle, had accurately predicted the fate of every American president on this cycle since the election of President Jefferson in 1800. The 480-year astrological Cycle of the Elements consisted of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, with each element controlling for 120 years. The years from 1840 to 1960 were controlled by the Earth element. This meant the fate of the presidents in this part of the cycle was controlled by the basic Earth element, lead, and from 1840 to 1960, all those presidents elected on the 20-year cycle were shot by lead bullets, or died of arsenic of lead poisoning shortly after eating lead tainted mashed potatoes at a meal.

   The previous element, Fire, governed elections prior to 1840, and there were only two public elections held prior to 1840 on the 20-year election cycle (George Washington was appointed not elected). The two presidents elected in 1800 and 1820 were Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Thomas Jefferson's died on America's "Fire" holiday, the 4th of July (bonfires, fire crackers). And James Monroe, the next president elected on the Fire Cycle, also died on the 4th of July.

   We are now under the Air Cycle which operates from 1980 to 2100. President Ronald Reagan won the election of 1980, and President Reagan passed away on June 5th, 2004 of pneumonia (the inability to breath "Air"). When the Secret Service became aware of this prophecy in 2007 when my book came out, they immediately altered President Bush's limosine to include it's own "Air" supply in the trunk. It was then renamed "The Beast," (the title of another chapter in my book).

   Most people are totally unaware that the "Cycle of the Presidents" prophecy is still operating today. If you would like to know more about Hebrew prophecies that are still happening today, click the link below to order your book by Edward Oliver.





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