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by Edward Oliver

   The book "Prophets and Frauds" by Edward Oliver is available through the original publisher's link below. Read about a coming attack upon Rome that was prophesied many years ago by Saint Malachy. Also learn how the 1917 Third Secret of Fatima predicted the very same event. You can then read about how the 9/11 attack on New York City was accurately predicted 20 years before it happened by author Erika Cheetham in her Nostradamus book "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," published in 1981.

   Read the facts about how these prophecies are now coming true exactly as the Hebrew prophets predicted. Read about the July 1999 prediction by Nostradamus that actually did come true. If you want to learn about events of the future before they occur, then click the link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's amazing 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."


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