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Lyme Disease History

   Why did America's Lyme Disease epidemic begin, and how can it be stopped? For many years doctors in southwest Connecticut struggled with hundreds of cases of "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis" mostly in children, but the cause of this crippling disease always remained a mystery. Then in 1975 a sudden increase in cases in the town of Lyme, Connecticut sparked an investigation into locating the source for this disease. Local doctors documented over 50 known cases of the disease in a small 3 town area of the state, and investigated to see if a common denominator could be found to explain the outbreak. One of the first things they noticed was that most cases were in children who were playing in wooded areas of the towns. Deeper investigation revealed that most of the children had exhibited a rash just before the onset of symptoms, and samples of their blood revealed an unidentified spirochete bacterium in all samples taken.

   It was soon determined that in all cases, the children had been bitten by a tick just prior to the development of the disease and that a rash had formed in a bullseye pattern around the site of the tick bite. Apparently all the chidren had been infected with this disease by ticks. The specific tick identified was the Eastern Deer Tick, a tick commonly hosted by whitetail deer. Lyme disease is caused by a species of microbes known as "spirochetes" that includes diseases like Syphilis and Leptospirosis which do not kill their victims immediately, but instead linger in a dormant state for extended periods (usually in a pimple), slowly damaging the body's organs over time.

   Lyme Disease was labelled as "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis" for years because Connecticut medical professionals failed to recognize significant changes that were happening in the natural environment in southwestern Connecticut. New York animal rights activists who had moved into southwestern Connecticut from nearby New York City were actively campaigning against deer hunting in Connecticut, and it wasn't very long before Whitetail deer populations began to explode. As deer hunting activity decreased in Connecticut, deer populations increased, and the natural population control methods of nature were activated to reduce the deer populations by way of the the mechanism of disease. Lyme Disease was effectively spread throughout the deer herds by ticks, which also could also spread the disease to humans.

   As a New England outdoorsman, I was fishing one day in a wooded area when I heard what sounded like a young girl screaming at the top of her lungs. I ran toward the sound and came upon the scene of a young deer fawn under attack by a pack of coydogs that were ripping out its intestines while it was still alive. Its mother stood only a few yards away, listening to her fawn's screams, but unable to help the youngster. When I go hunting with my deer rifle, I always make sure to kill fast and clean so the animal does not suffer. Animal rights activists should also please note that deer hunters do not kill fawns.

   In spite of vast improvements in the medical technologies today, many modern medical professionals fail to recognize the vital role that disease mechanisms play in God's natural ecosystem. If you are a medical professional, and would like to learn more about how America's Lyme Disease epidemic really got started, please click on the link below and order your copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds" to gain a greater understanding of the natural mechanism of disease.


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