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Nostradamus and the
Islamic Migration

    This incredible quatrain recorded by the prophet Nostradamus so many years ago, concerns a predicted influx of Muslims into Europe in the "Last Days".  The quatrain describes a migration of Muslim refugees from the Middle East into Germany, and also describes their attempts to establish an Islamic State in that nation.  In this quatrain, Nostradamus describes the reactions of the German people to this sudden influx of Muslims into their country.



The holy Empire shall come into Germany.

Le saint Empire viendra en Germanie.

The Muslims will find it a place of openness:

Ishmaelites trouveront lieux ouverts:

The fools will also desire their righteous Cult,

Asnes vouldrant aussi la Carmanie,

They are hoping for a land of total converts.

Les soustenans de terre tous converts.




   Nostradamus here describes a time in the Last Days when a great war is being prepared between Europe and the Middle East.  Western leaders are forcibly removing all the dictators and kings from the Middle East in hopes of forming freely elected democracies in Islamic nations.  The unfortunate reality however, is that their foolish actions will cause a political void that will quickly be filled by the Grand Ayatollah and a his new resurrected Ottoman army that will now once again be able to pursue its attack against Rome and the forces of Christianity (the U.S., NATO, and Russia).  The German people at first will welcome these Muslim refugees into their country, but eventually the true intentions of these refugees will be realized.  Nostradamus refers to the Islamics as "fools" for thinking they could successfully convert the German people to Islam.

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