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Saddam Hussein's
"Big Surprise"

   On October 12, 2000 the guided missile cruiser USS Cole was docked for refueling in the Yemeni port city of Aden when it was unexpectedly attacked by a small boat packed with high explosives.  The resulting explosion opened up a 60 ft-long hole in the side of the ship and killed 17 American sailors.  This attack against the U.S. by al Quaeda was a bold statement that it intended to attack American targets wherever and whenever it pleased.  In the months following this attack, President Suddam Hussein initiated a verbal campaign against the U.S., and began making speeches against America, due to the fact that his military had failed so miserably against the U.S. in recent Middle Eastern conflicts.

   An American news reporter was recording one of Suddam's speeches in Baghdad when he became alarmed at a threat Suddam suddenly made against America.  Knowing that Suddam NEVER made a threat he did not in fact intend carry out, the reporter made sure that the speech was broadcast on the national news in the United States that same evening.  During the speech Suddam had said: "...and we have a BIG SURPRISE in store for our American friends."

   Unfortunately no one in America was paying much attention to Suddam Hussein at this time, since he had just been so soundly defeated in the recent Gulf War and Desert Fox campaigns.  Americans didn't know that after the Kuwait war Suddam invited his army generals to his palace for a formal dinner to discuss their experiences during the war.  Two of the generals attending were in fact Saddam Hussein's cousins.  When the dinner was over the group was invited to step out onto the balcony where Suddam had his bodyguards execute them all.  Anyone who examines Saddam's behavior quickly realizes the deadly seriousness of his nature.

   On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center towers in New York were attacked by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists in the biggest SURPRISE for America since the Pearl Harbor attack of 1941.  And so the question remains, was Suddam Hussein the only person who knew about the 9-11 attack in advance, or did many other people in the Muslim world also know about this "BIG SURPRISE" for America?  If you'd like to learn more about how the World Trade Center event and many others like it were actually predicted in prophecy, please click on the link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."



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