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Nostradamus and
Attacks on New York

   Did Nostradamus accurately prophesy the terrorist attacks on New York City?  In 1981, author Erika Cheetham published her now famous Nostradamus book, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow."  If you check the index of Ms. Cheetham's book under the heading "New York City," it references the following future attacks upon New York City:


  1. An "attack" on "New York" involving a "bombing" (Chapter 6 - Quatrain #97)

  2. An "attack" on "New York" involving it's "towers or skyscrapers" (Chapter 1 - Quatrain #87)


   Was it mere coincidence that allowed Erika Cheetham to accurately predict these future attacks upon New York so many years before they happened, or was she in fact correct about Nostradamus' ability to predict the future?

   Over past decades many people have deliberately falsified Nostradamus prophecies to try to make them fit current world events.  This fact has resulted in Nostradamus being discredited each time these fraudulent prophecies failed to come true.  More thorough examinations of Nostradamus prophecies have always revealed their true accuracy.

   Those attacking the accuracy of Nostradamus prophecies always demand proof that a Nostradamus prophecy was accurately translated and documented before it took place.  There are actually many amazing examples of Nostradamus prophecies that were recorded and documented before they happened.  But in all these cases the prophecies were not what the public wanted to hear at the time, and so they were ignored.

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