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Nostradamus and
the New York Attacks

   Did Nostradamus accurately prophesy the terrorist attacks on New York City? In 1981, author Erika Cheetham published her famous Nostradamus book, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow." If you check the index of Ms. Cheetham's book, under the heading "New York City," it references the following future attacks upon New York:


  1. An attack on New York involving a "bombing" (Quatrain 6-97)

  2. An attack on New York involving it's "towers or skyscrapers" (Quatrain 1-87)


   Was it mere coincidence that allowed Erika Cheetham to accurately predict these future attacks upon New York so many years before they occurred, or was she in fact correct about Nostradamus' ability to predict the future? In past decades many people deliberately falsified Nostradamus prophecies, trying to make them fit current world events. When these false Nostradamus predictions failed to come true, it was always Nostradamus who was blamed for their errors. The history of Nostradamus predictions beng accurately recorded well before they occurred has been well documented, but since the prophecies were not what the public wanted to hear at the time, they were always ignored.

   Most people don't know that the CIA and FBI were both well aware of the WTC attack long before it happened, and that 8 weeks before 9/11, the CIA Director called for an emergency meeting at the White House with the President's National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, to inform her that America needed to immediately go on a "war footing" because Arab terrorists in the U.S. were going to hijack jet aircraft in the next few days or weeks and crash them into targets on American soil. Condoleezza Rice did not cooperate with this request, and only agreed to raise threat levels overseas.

   At the same time that the CIA was trying to convince its bosses in Washington D.C. that an attack was imminent, many FBI field agents were also contacting their bosses in Washington D.C. because their investigations of Arab flight students training at U.S. flight schools and wanting to be taught how to "steer but not land" jet aircraft had convinced them that Arab terrorists might be planning to hijack commercial jets and possibly crash them into high profile targets on U.S. soil. Unfortunately, FBI Director Louis Freeh and Department of Justice acting Deputy Attorney General Robert Mueller (see: DOJ Org. Flowchart) were busy occupying themselves trying to force their Special Agent in charge of National Security in New York City, John O'Neill, to retire. John O'Neill, "The Man Who Knew," was complaining to his bosses that the Saudis were being allowed not to cooperate with his investigations of Saudi terrorists, due to their cozy relationship with the Bush family.

   John's complaints were an irritation to his bosses, and everyone thought it would be best if John O'Neill were retired before Robert Mueller took over as the new FBI Director in September. John O'Neill was retired in August of 2001 by acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard. The new FBI Director Robert Mueller, was appointed on September 4, only 7 days before those same Saudi terrorists who were training at U.S. flight schools, hijacked 4 jet airliners, and crashed them into high profile targets on U.S. soil. If you would like to know more about how ancient Hebrew prophets accurately predicted all the major world events that are happening today, please click the link below and order a copy of Edward Oliver's 350-page book, "Prophets and Frauds."






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