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and July 1999

   This was a Nostradamus prophecy that actually came true, but everybody missed it! This infamous Nostradamus quatrain caused great fear as the year 2000 Millenium was approaching. Everyone feared the world might end in the year 2000, and Nostradamus had given an exact date for this prophetic event. A nationally shown televised special was broadcast on a major network entitled "Ancient Prophecies," hosted by David McCallum, where "authorities" on Nostradamus predicted frightening future events. Everyone feared that the world was going to end at midnight on December 31st as the world's computers would fail and cause nuclear missiles to be launched around the globe.

   Since this prophecy mentioned an exact date when it would take place, Nostradamus fans were desperately trying to figure out this Nostradamus prophecy before it occurred. Many self-proclaimed Nostradamus experts suddenly declared that a Mongolian "King of Terror" was going to invade the Middle East and set off the Battle of Armageddon. The prophecy as published in Nostradamus books written well before the July 1999 date appears below:


   QUATRAIN #10-72

  In the year 1999 and seven months,

  From the skies shall come a "grand Roi d'effrayeur"

  To raise again the great king of the "Angolmois;"

  Before and after, War shall reign at will.


   When the month of July 1999 finally passed by without the appearance of a Mongolian antichrist, all the Nostradamus experts quickly blamed Nostradamus for their mistake. No Nostradamus "expert" was able to accurately translate the Old French word "Angolmois" or determine who the "grand Roi deffrayeur" was.

   The only word that is spelled "A-N-G-O-L" in any modern language is "Angola," from the African word "n'gola," that means "king" or "kingdom". Portugese Angola was an African trading colony that later moved north to Morocco due to invasions by southern tribes. When "grand Roi deffrayeur" is translated, it produces "great Leader of frightening power." The now corrected version of the quatrain, including the verses in the original Old French, can be found below. A link to an Old French dictionary has also been provided (just in case you'd like to check the original word meanings for yourself):


    PROPHECY #10-72 (corrected translation)

In the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine, seventh month,

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf, sept mois,

From the sky will come a great Leader of frightening power

Du ceil viendra un grand Roi de-ffrayeur

To resurrect the great King of the Angol-people:

Resusiter le grand Roy d'Angol-mois:

Before and after, a War reigns for a good-cause.

Avant apres, Mars regner par bon-heur.




   As it turns out, Quatrain #10-72 was actually predicting that in July of 1999 a great world leader possessing a frightening amount of power would arrive from the sky into a former Portugese African kingdom to resurrect an African king upon his native throne. This famous Nostradamus prophecy was fulfilled on July 25th 1999, as the world's most powerful leader did in fact arrive out of the sky into the former Portugese African colony in Morocco (El Jadida) to witness the coronation of young King Mohammed VI on his native throne, exactly as Nostradamus described in this quatrain. A few days later, this same powerful world leader flew off to Sarajevo to attend a conference on the rebuilding of Kosovo after a war fought for the "good cause" (bon-heur) of ending a genocide.

   Although every Nostradamus expert in the world tried to translate this prophecy before it occurred, all the "experts" failed. If you would like to learn more about these modern-day prophecies that really do come true, click on the link below and order your book by Edward Oliver.






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